Eunbyol Anastasia Cho: "Make America Be America Again"

Make America Be America Again

Response Poem to “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes

As a minority in a land where the majority rule,
America never was America to me.
Mocked and ridiculed for the way I look.
And no one ever stopped to disagree
The thoughts in my mind, in every nook
Even I began to accept this was how it was supposed to be
Is it how it’s supposed to be?
Now I know, through and through
It’s not how it’s supposed to be, now I see
I’m no better than you,
and you’re no better than me
They call it a melting pot
They yell, “diversity!”
But when it matters most, it’s like they forgot
What even is unity?
Is it when you unite to chase us off?
The sound that made the false peace shatter
I swear I didn’t cough
But to you, it doesn’t matter
All you needed was a reason, an excuse
Someone to blame
Someone to accuse
We are all the same
Are we not all people?
You don’t accept that, you refuse
That kind of mindset is lethal
I am bemused
When excuses arise they persecute my people
They take what they need then throw us away
I can’t be the only one wondering how is this legal?
We are not dispensable we are here to stay
They tell me, “go back you”
Believe me, I often wish to as well
But America is now my home too
As much as it is a living hell
Running does nothing so instead, I will stay
Tell me what you want but I will not obey
Fight for my place so that I can convey
And maybe get rid of this disarray
To make America be America again
So minority and majority can agree
And no one will ever have to fight like me
America never was America to me
But I will make America be America for thee

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