Everything is Dance

It seems like every time I turn around there’s some brilliant new dance short featuring Storyboard P.  And while I know little about Everything is Dance, I do know that it’s directed by Ben Newman, edited by Spencer Campbell, and that its startling and beautiful in a kind of magical, fabulist, Marquez-like way, which I love.

Storyboard P hovers over Manhattan in "Everything is Dance"
Storyboard P hovers over Manhattan in “Everything is Dance”

It has occurred to me that Storyboard P is a bit like a modern day Fred Astaire. His body has a movement style that’s sinewy and seamless like Astaire’s did, albeit in a completely different dance language, and we can watch him glide and hover in long wide shots without the need for multiple edits. And from what I can see, Story is all over the place at the moment, shooting ads for Apple, touring to Spain to improvise with Flamenco dancers, doing new music videos for Warner Brothers Records along with his buddy, fellow amazing Bruk Up dancer Albert Junito Esquilin Jr (aka “The Ghost”, who I am very excited to work with on my own film this August), and most recently writing his own music “No Chinx in My Armor”.
A moment from "Everything is Dance"
A moment from “Everything is Dance”

Everything is Dance is lush with a wonderful, “post rain” kind of color, and beautifully shot with a mostly moving camera. Not sure who did the music as there’s no liner credit notes to that effect, but it suits the film beautifully. And for just over 4 minutes I was transported into a gorgeous, urban, magical realist kind of dream.

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