Increasingly, I enjoy music videos in which the artist is absent. Without them we are often treated to pure flights of fancy, minus narrative, leaving us free to roam in the wild realms of another’s imagination wherein you never know what you might find, or where you might be taken.

Such is the case with Tatran’s music video Eyes. Rooted in movement and fully making the most of a fantastic location – some kind of awesome cave – it makes perfect use of both the simplest imagery and movement as well as the magic of visual effects, with a nice dose of cool editing to boot. It’s one of those rare music videos that really succeed as equal, if not greater parts dance film.


It opens with a beautiful, painted woman who looks to be from some indigenous tribe, moving subtly and beautifully, with camera floating around and ultimately past her, finally pulling us into the cave where we are introduced to an overhead shot of a very thin figured man who looks as if he’s been ripped straight out of Nicholas Roeg’s 1971 masterpiece “Walkabout.” Wearing only a loincloth we see him climbing out of a floating hole, fingers first. And oh those fingers. From here the music video progresses to introduce us to an entire tribe of what can only be described as creatures, with peculiar and singular movements advancing through the cave.


If you are one of those people inclined to look for meaning in everything, it is likely you will come up empty handed. Even Tatran’s music (which I loved) will give you no clues, being that it is sans voice and purely instrumental. Directed by Daniella Meroz and Eden Kalif, Eyes’s success relies entirely on the viewers’ surrender into its surreal, fantastical world.

For me it works perfectly. Enjoy.

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