Why Family Photography is a Growing Industry in America

One of the industries that’s seen the biggest growth in recent years is photography. Within that, lifestyle and family photography has seen a particular uptick in industry growth and continues to offer promising futures for those looking to start their creative career.

While high-profile photography jobs are facing steady competition, causing some editorial photographers to struggle, those specializing in portrait, commercial, and family photography will continue to enjoy a high demand for jobs.

If you’re thinking of dipping your toes in the industry water, you should know why you’re embarking on a great journey and how you can get an even better leg up in the job market.

Benefits to Starting Your Own Family Photography Business

Of course, there are benefits to both starting your own company and finding a salaried photography position. However, when you consider the benefits and the industry trends, it’s clear that creating your own business is the stronger choice.

Let’s compare some of the main career points.

Artistic Control: With any photography job, a photographer must consider the clients’ needs and project vision if they want to be successful. However, a self-employed person is able to choose the jobs that appeal to them and infuse their creative vision into more work.

Expenses: It’s definitely more of a personal investment owning your own company, as you have to cover the overhead costs of equipment, studio rent, staff, and software. However, the good thing about these costs is that they’re useful investments in yourself and your business for the long term.

Work Schedule: One of the most attractive aspects of being a family photographer is the freedom to create and follow the work schedule of your choosing. You can even choose how much or how little you want to work, making it a part-time gig or full time job.

Clientele: One of the few clear benefits of working for a company is the introduction to their already-developed network of clients. On your own, you’re in charge of finding your own work and that’s not always easy, but it can be worth it.

Industry Information

To those who still have any reservations about whether or not photography is a promising industry to get into, consider this:

  • While the number of photography jobs is said to decline a bit in the next ten years, it’s rate of decline is less than the national average and doesn’t focus on family photography specifically, which has seen uncharacteristic growth
  • You don’t necessarily need a degree
  • Income is varied, based on what you desire it to be
  • It’s an industry that can take you anywhere you go

Starting Your Own Family Photography Business

If you’ve grown the confidence to begin your own family portrait business, you’ll need to know how to get off the ground with your own work!

The best way to stand out as a family photographer is with your own unique style that shines through your work. Perhaps, for you, it’s a certain kind of editing you apply to all photos. It could be capturing different sides of the family. It could also be a certain landscape where you work best that helps to define your work style.

One great example of someone who has really honed this important aspect is Hillary of Silver Bee Photography based out of Austin, TX. Hillary is known for her unique style of close-up newborn photos, creating timeless souvenirs for new parents.

In order to figure out what your “style” is, conduct some research. Learning about great photographers, checking out local competition in your area, and spending time looking at art will lead you to the style that will both satisfy you and your clients.

While it may be scary diving into a new career as a family photographer, there’s hope to be found in promising statistics and doing what you love for a living.

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