Famous shoes from distinct NBA moments

Many of us love the NBA history and the astounding shoes connected to it. One of the nice things about the NBA history is that it’s also connected with many cool shoes created specifically for players. Here you have a list with some of the most famous NBA shoes and moments in history.

Jordan winning the 1998 title with a huge final shot

The nice thing about this particular match is that he was doing the final shot for the bulls. At that time, the Bulls were leading the Utah Jazz 3-2, but they required a brilliant, powerful shot and that’s when Jordan clicked and did his thing. The match was iconic, the final shot was extraordinary and this also hyped the shoes Jordan wore for the event. He was wearing the Air Jordan XIV, which a lot of people considered to be inspired by Ferrari designs.

Air Jordan XIV has a yellow Jumpman badge similar to Ferrari, the rubber heel also had a supercar style, not to mention it was about speed and efficiency. The connection was never confirmed, but you can’t deny the style and the looks here. The product itself is quite popular and you can find it at $530 right now, but there are models at $353 for the re-released version from 2018. It’s an incredible shoe with a lot of value and quality, and it certainly pushes the boundaries when it comes to the value that it can deliver.

Allen Iverson stepping over Tyronn Lue

This is also a very iconic moment and one that a lot of people remember as being very distinctive and also rather powerful and unique. Iverson wore the Reebok Answer IV at that time and he was known for his flashy style. That being said, he did step over Tyronn Lue in 2001 during the finals. The Reebok Answer IV shoe is black and shite, it has illustrations of Iverson on the shoe’s face. Unlike other models, this one didn’t age that well, but it still sells for around $250, which is great considering the age and importance of the shoe.

LeBron is blocking Andre Iguodala

LeBron James blocking Andre in the Game 7 of the 2016 finals was incredible and it really is an iconic and very interesting moment. Obviously, this also ties in with a very popular and also super interesting shoe. In this case, it’s the Nike LeBron Zoom Soldier 10. This particular shoe has a great combination of metallic gold and black that really makes it stand out without being overly hyped or flashy. The design is simple, but pretty immersive and impressive, which is what makes this product so unique and different in the first place.

Kobe scoring 81 points in a match against the Toronto Raptors

Scoring 81 points in a single match is insane, but Kobe Bryant did it and it was astonishing. This moment is by far one of the most interesting ones out there, and in the end it was clear that it ended up being one of the most impressive and incredible products that you could ever see. While the event itself was unprecedented, it was also the first time he wore his own signature shoe.

The Nike Kobe 1 was incredible, really impressive and it managed to stand out with its unique visuals and quality. The great thing about this is the powerful appeal and incredible value, and the fact that it was a very distinctive unit with purple, black and white. Even if the colors were quite wild, the truth is that the Nike Kobe 1 shoes themselves were very stylized and unique in their own right. That really helped him push the boundaries as a player.


It’s easy to see that many famous shoes made the NBA moments even better. It’s an incredible way to remember specific moments in the NBA history with the adjacent shoes worn by the player. That’s amazing and it clearly goes to show the true importance of NBA moments in history. We encourage you to check these amazing shoes, they bring you back in the memory lane, and you will be incredibly impressed with the uniqueness of these features and quality brought by the shoes themselves.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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