How to Have a Fantastic Beach Wedding Celebration

It’s spring time and summer is coming. It is a season when everybody loves to go to the beach as the weather is so favorable regardless of sunburns. During these two seasons, beaches are alternative choices for wedding venues. As a bride who chose to have a beach wedding, here are some guidelines for you for a successful wedding.

Set the Time of the Wedding

The time is very important especially when recording every moment so set it accordingly. Some may prefer to have it in early morning, mid-day or even sunrise. The time is actually dependent on what theme you are opt to.

Sunrise – This time would be a favorable time for the wedding ceremony as it is not too warm and everyone can feel the breeze of the ocean. The sunrise could also be a very great background for picture taking meanwhile, this time could be too early for everyone especially the little girls and boys who might prefer to sleep more.

wedding at sunrise

Midday – The sun is already up by then and everyone could feel the warmth of the day. Everyone can see the clear blue sky with the clear blue ocean. Regardless of how warm it is, most would prefer this time as everyone will not be rushing during the preparation. Meanwhile, having a wedding celebration on mid-day would mean that you will have to apply sunblock to avoid getting sunburns. Your maid of honor will also need to prepare a piece of cloth or tissue to wipe your face in the event that you will perspire. She may also need to always make sure that your make-up will not be ruined by sweat hence she needs to have a make-up kit ready with her.

wedding with flowers

Sunset – Weddings during sunset are considered so romantic. Most brides who prefer this setting usually celebrate with just their families and close friends. With their fabulous beach wedding dresses, along with the majestic background creates a very sweet and passionate scene.

kissing at sunset

Inform Your Guests

Proper information dissemination is a must if you are planning to have a beach wedding. There is a need to specify on the wedding invitation the exact location, if it is on the sand and if there is a need to be barefooted during the celebration so your guests know what to expect. You may also need to specify the exact time as well as the possible temperature during that part of the day. Having an early morning celebration or evening celebration are expected to be chilly hence the guests might need to bring shawls to protect them from the cold. Having a mid-day celebration however would let them prepare for sunscreens to avoid getting sunburns. Meanwhile, you can also include a checklist of possible things they may need to bring.

Dress Code

Having a beach wedding is one of the celebrations wherein everyone does not need to wear formal wears. Normally, they can wear anything they want that is appropriate for the event. These dresses can be found anywhere, whether online or offline. As a bride, if you’d like uniformity amongst your bridesmaids, there are a lot of stores that offer these attires such as JJ’s House and some reliable sellers from eBay.

Dress – Guests do not usually need to wear similar clothes being worn on church weddings. There could be a theme for the beach wedding hence it is not necessary that the clothes need to be with trains. Normally short dresses to floor length dresses are recommended. As for the color, it may depend if you will require the guests to wear something according to the color theme or they can wear any beach guest wedding attires such as Hawaiian inspired clothes or other printed clothes ideal for beach use.

Footwear – It is expected that the guests will be on the sand hence the sand could be either too hot or tolerable. For a midday beach wedding, footwear may be needed and so you may consider having the guests wear flat sandals or slippers.

Accessories – Accessories such as hats, shawls/wraps, and umbrellas may also be needed during this occasion hence it could be included on the checklist.


Nature itself is a wonderful decoration – having the sea as the background with the magnificent horizon is already a brilliant scenery. Meanwhile to mark the exact area as to where the ceremony will take place, simple embellishments such as stand covered with tremendous wedding flowers or white cloth could serve as the altar. The aisle could also be designed with beautiful flowers, as well as the chairs on both sides.

beach wedding setup

If you are a bride and is leaning on a summer wedding, you might consider the beach as a venue. Nature weddings such as beach weddings, garden weddings and weddings hosted in the woods are also beautiful possibilities especially if you are a nature lover.

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