Features to look for in LMS for Certificate management

Once you have created the desired certification course, the next question to ponder over is regarding its delivery to clients, conducting the intended tests, and providing certificates to those clearing these exams. 

All this can be done using good LMS certification courses solutions. But just any LMS cannot work out the desired results. For this reason, an LMS with the following features should be given a preference over others. 

  • Mobility

The LMS that provide mobility to their users is in high demand. Gone are the days that training could happen only at the workstation and gain the said certificate. These days, mobility is required of an LMS which means that it is operable in different devices such as desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Thanks to this feature, all the certifications can be taken on the move.

  • Testing options

The possibility of multiple testing options, such as multiple-choice questions, comprehensible quizzes, timed exams, and even pausing the exam to be taken later. The quizzes thus taken can also be graded similarly. The specifications of your program must be kept in mind to make sure LMS can accommodate it in its module. 

  • Ease of enrollment

The modern LMS is easily enrollable for the users. Just put the required information in the system and make the necessary payment. You can get instant access to the LMS without any intervention from the business or trainer as a go-between. The LMS takes care of fee collection, registration, and even follow-up emails automatically. This data comes in handy for the certification as well.

  • Budgetary control 

These days there are so many options for LMS that you can find an LMS which can work for you within your price range. Although the price of the LMS is an important consideration for buying anything, do not let this dictate you into buying the cheapest option possible. Look for the required features and a good return on investment before investing your money in an LMS which can not function as per your needs. The lowest or highest price does not signify the quality of the learning management system.

  • Various integrations

LMS comes with amazing integrations to be more productive to the user and in turn to the business. These integrations make sharing of data between LMS, CRM, payment gateways, and even email automation services simple and easier. The same goes for social media and blog posting interactions. These third-party integrations offer ease of data transfer as well as smooth functioning. At the end of the day, they make the learning experience more productive for the users. 

  • Customer support 

For certificate management, it is imperative to have great support services for the customers. Depending on the technical capabilities of the team, support is required at nearly every juncture of LMS from deployment, implementation, or even during training. These support services can be in the form of 24*7 support at forums, social media groups, live chat, webinars, etc. Support services give the business using LMS peace of mind and constant assistance possibility, which generates faith for LMS providers. 

  • Data and reporting

A copious amount of data is generated during the various interactions taking place on the LMS platform. This data should be expertly handled, properly analyzed, and swiftly reported to the right parties. As it is very crucial for decision-making. Modern LMS is capable of doing all this and that too very efficiently. Thus, for proper certificate management, good data analysis and reporting play a crucial role. 

Above mentioned pointers can help you decide on the sea of LMS at your disposal. Proper planning and consideration are required in this decision. 

Photo by Zan on Unsplash

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