Artlightenment Film Festival

Artlightenment Film Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, was created in 2011 as an experiment to encourage collaboration between the worlds of filmmakers and visual artists of all kinds. This year, founder Robyn Morshead decided to try something new.
After meeting with film and art industry leaders in Nashville, the film festival was born with this theme: “Art, Artists and The Art of Existence.” It will take place November 8 and 9 in Nashville.
Short videos may still be submitted via DVD or Yousendit. The deadline is September 30.

Last year’s festival started with a talk by celebrity photographer Raeanne Rubenstein, who recently went back to school to make films, and the other winners have also had career boosts.
Overall winner Rob Lindsay of Nashville (he directed Alius Primoris, a 9/11 story) received critical acclaim. An Atlanta entry from Pam Roberts, Margaret Mitchell, American Rebel, won Outstanding Documentary Feature; it was a complete surprise to learn about the life of this writer and how her book changed her world and the world. Curt Hahn of Nashville, who won Best Non-Fiction Film for his portrayal of Sylvia Hyman, a well known clay artist, went on to to produce a movie called Deadline. It did a nationwide tour to sold out audiences earlier this year. Curt will be speaking at this year’s festival about the making and marketing of the film. Other winners Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett from Los Angeles are writing a new feature film.
This year Karen Lavender (Judges Pick 2011) and the glass artist artist Marlene Rose will be on the stage together. Karen will talk about From Fire and Marlene will inspire artists with how to create a successful career in the art world.
Breathe by Gary Ravenscroft pays tribute to the victims of 9/11. Gary has some 200 projects under his belt and is a multi-award-winning Australian cinematographer-turned-director with a portfolio that ranges from music videos and documentaries to TV commercials and feature films. His most recent work includes directing a multiple-award winning feature length documentary with a 16-part Drug-Free World commercial campaign that has reached over 230 million people internationally.
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Photo, from left to right: Corinne Sullivan- President of Celebrity Centre Nashville; Prema Thiagarajah – Nashville Film Institute; Ken McDaniel(behind); Raeanne Rubenstein; Robyn Morshead – Artlightenment Executive Director; Rob Lindsay- Artlightenment (overall winner, 2011). Photo by Carla Christina Contreras,
Posted September 12, 2012.

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