Film to Honor Theatre Visionary Reza Abdoh

Reza Abdoh, the late theatre visionary who died in 1995, but whose legend lives on in academia and theatre community, is to be honored with a documentary film premiering on the twentieth anniversary of his death.

Producer Adam Soch is pleased to announce the making of a documentary film that will share the extraordinary work of the late theatrical visionary with a larger audience.  Soch commented, “Every so often there is an artist whose body of work is so profound and impactful that it needs to be brought to the forefront, even twenty years after his passing. In this case, the May 2015 premier will mark the twentieth anniversary of Reza’s death.”

A 1990 Los Angeles Times Magazine article described Abdoh as “a genuine visionary, a reincarnation of the 1960s confrontational, experiments of communal ensembles such as the Living and Open theaters . . . He’s not out to make a deal. . . . He’s determined to make art in an era when even the word artist is under siege.”

Soch explained further, “Before his death of AIDS at the young age of 32, Abdoh had created an impressive body of stage productions known for their sensory overload, ferocious energy and hallucinatory dreamscapes. With his company, Dar A Luz, formed in 1991, Abdoh created plays that have made a major impact on experimental theatre worldwide.”

Abdoh and his troupe often performed in downtrodden storefronts, warehouses, lofts, and abandoned hotels. With titles like “Peep Show,” “Pasos en la Obscuridad” (Footsteps in the Darkness), “The Hip-Hop Waltz of Eurydice,” “Bogeyman,” “Tight, Right, White,” “The Law of Remains,” and his critically acclaimed “Quotations From a Ruined City,” his performances provided a glimpse into his personal outrage toward many aspects of American life.

Abdoh’s work is still revered and referenced in the theater community today and according to Soch, “Reza’s work has become regularly incorporated into college and university syllabi. It has become legendary. One of the goals of this project is to provide a means for students and theater lovers to get a true sense of what Abdoh’s work was like. This documentary will offer a portrait of the world and work of Abdoh and his company, Dar a Luz. The film will feature never before seen excerpts of Abdoh’s most important pieces alongside interviews with Abdoh himself, his collaborators, critics, friends and family. We are very fortunate to have access to a rich archive of video materials that were recorded over the course of his career — more than 300 hours of live performance, rehearsals and interviews.”

Soch continued, “Early in Reza’s career, there were three amazing people who recognized his talent and supported his theatrical creations: Alan Mandell, Diane White and Marta Holen. It is an incredible honor to have their continued trust, loyalty and support as Executive Producers of our film. Without their love for Reza and his work, this project would not be possible and we are deeply grateful.”

To ensure the completion of the project, Soch has created a Kickstarter Campaign to finance the final stages of the film’s production: editing, promotion and distribution.

Potential donors can gain a better understanding of the project and Abdoh’s work by viewing a six-minute trailer that showcases the documentary’s style and content on the Kickstarter website at

Adam Soch is an award-winning filmmaker and producer with projects in TV at Classic Arts Showcase, video, and theatre productions worldwide. Mr. Soch is one of four founders of the International Television channel available in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The ARTS Channel, with millions of daily viewers, focuses on highlighting the disciplines, pleasures and wonders of classic arts such as ballet, opera, theater, dance and film/video, through the power of television.

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