Where to Find the Best Smoking Accessories Online

The internet is an amazing resource, and often the best place to find your newest smoking accessories. It can also be a daunting task to shop for ashtrays, rolling trays, rolling papers, and other necessities online.

With limitless options at competitive prices, it’s easy to find what you want—sometimes. Other times it’s a downright chore to wade through the endless digital shelves of products from brands you might know nothing about.

And without seeing a product in-person, it’s hard to judge its quality, making the buying process that much more complicated and anxiety-inducing. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned dollars on something that isn’t going to get the job done right.

Below you’ll find the top tips from Hemper for finding the best smoking accessories online. Use this guide to help cut through the noise when shopping online and find just what you need.

How to find great smoke accessories on the internet:

1. Look at verified customer reviews

Dishonest companies can use photos, advertisements, and product descriptions to overhype a product or mislead customers. Honest companies portray products accurately, tell consumers exactly what they can expect, and then deliver on those expectations. How do you know whether a company’s website is real or misleading? Look at reviews from verified customers.

Verified customer reviews are different from other reviews. Not every online shop offers verified customer reviews. These types of reviews come from users who definitely purchased the product—not everyone can leave one. Looking at only verified reviews ensures you don’t read reviews that are doctored, fake, or written by bots.

If you’re shopping for rolling trays, don’t you want to hear from someone who bought the same rolling trays you’re considering?

2. Sample several products

Finding a brand, product, or online store you like is tricky. When you’re shopping for new smoke accessories, try sampling a few different products before you place a big order. Take different brands or styles out for a sort-of “test drive” to see how they fit with your lifestyle. This way, if they don’t work out, you can move on to other brands quickly and easily.

Always be aware of the return policies from the companies you order from. Ideally, if you dislike a product, you should be able to return it for store credit.

3. Try celebrity-endorsed brands

Want to avoid low-quality rolling papers and ashtrays? Buy celebrity-endorsed brands. While celebrity-endorsed products tend to be more extravagant, they also tend to deliver a better experience. You could buy cheap products, but—as the saying goes—you’ll get what you paid for. Who knows? Maybe the rolling trays endorsed by your favorite rapper become your favorite rolling trays.

4. Choose a brand you trust

Finally, the most important step in finding the best smoking accessories online is to discover and stick with a brand you trust. Responsible shops curate carefully-selected collections of accessories. Once you find a reliable store, you can depend on each product to offer a unique, elevated experience at a reasonable price.

Final thoughts

Finding great smoking accessories like ashtrays, rolling papers, and rolling trays can be tricky. Though the internet offers many options, not every shop or product is worth your money. Nevertheless, if you follow these tricks you’ll be well on your way to a top-notch collection of smoke accessories.

Photo by: unsplash-logoAli Yahya

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