Five Essential Rules For Successful Smoke Shop Management

Most people think that running smoke shops is like running any other business. However, making an average smoke shop super successful requires effort. You need to manage the functions daily and avoid wasting resources and money on useless things. These are a few tips and tricks that you should follow to establish a world-class smoke shop.

Rule #1: Learn the Basics of Running A Successful Business?

Before talking about smoke shops, let this be clear that the basics of running a successful business are always the same. You have to prepare a solid plan and keep reinforming it for your learnings daily. While doing your daily walk, you are likely to face a lot of setbacks; but at the same time, if you learn how to overcome those hurdles, your business becomes super selling.

Having enough money for investment is always an essential requirement in every business. So you should seek financing in cases where you do not have enough funds. When your shop opens, you must be able to finance the daily business needs without any delays. Sometimes, you see a quick opportunity to make temporary cash. If you ask a friend to invest because you do not have funds in your pocket,  you put yourself at the person’s mercy. And if that guy is already in business, he will make the cash for himself. So, while you find an opportunity, others will benefit from it. So your cash financing should be structured as you can always use such situations to your advantage. Sometimes such opportunities reveal long-lasting customers that bring other guys to your shop.

To meet all such challenges, you should keep saving if part of your daily gains. It would also help if you kept restructuring your business according to your market trend. For example, at the events like Christmas, people have a habit of spending extra, and you must be able to purchase more products like wholesale bongs to make more money from the sales of such events.

You should hire good employees, track your inventory, make a system to handle employees’ payroll, and keep your shop infrastructure always in the best working conditions. In addition, digital marketing has opened up new opportunities for engaging customers. So, you can never shy away from using digital media to grow your business.

Let’s move on to the next steps of running an excellent smoke shop.

Rule #2: Never Compromise on Employees’ Education

This smoke shop cannot become super successful without the education of employees. In this regard, your employees must understand every aspect of the products they are selling. So you should buy some extra material for educating your employees regarding how to use specific products. Furthermore, it would be best if you did not shy away from bringing your employees to the internet so they can learn about the latest practices. Organizing a learning atmosphere in which one employee teaches the others about his experience and knowledge is a need of every modern era smoke shop.

These are some excellent suggestions, but you need to ensure that your employees do not spend their time on other activities during the learning sessions. So it would help if you asked them questions about what they have learned after a learning session ends. You must ask them questions just like any customer will ask. This will enable you to understand how every employee will respond to the customer in daily work. In this way, you can calculate their abilities for the various departments in your smoke shop. So by giving extra learning time to employees and asking them questions, you will create an opportunity to improve the quality of your service in a short time.

Product manufacturers also offer free learning sessions for the staff of smoke shops. Suppose they provide you such sessions, and you already know the abilities of your every employee. In that case, you will be able to send your best person while managing the daily activities of your shop through the rest of your employees. And when that employee comes back, everybody in your shop will be learning from that guy. And this type of atmosphere will help you bring better-paying customers to your shop.

Do not shy away from making your store atmosphere learning-oriented. In stores where learning from others is the most encouraging activity, every employee gets enough time and plays a critical role in the business’s success. The customers also leave such a wholesale smoke store happily, and their feedback drives more paying customers.

Rule #3: Keep Your Point-of-Sale System Upgraded

Mediocre smoke shops can work with a single cash register used to record the daily sales of items and inventory availability. However, larger small shops need to have a proper mechanism in the point-of-sale system. This POS or point of sale system is always crucial for making profits from the daily sales cycle. You can use this system to manage your resources and employee time effectively. Moreover, it makes you high-tech competitive. Smartphones and clouding solutions will always impress customers and simplify the job of your employees.

When you equip your employees with good smartphones, it will improve their efficiency in handling complicated tasks. Moreover, smartphones with modern platforms such as Shopify, shopkeep, square, etc., will connect them to cloud-based accounting solutions. And having an IPad like the central system will give you direct access to all of them simultaneously. Moreover, the same procedure will enable you to monitor end processes such as credit card transactions. So, while the use of smartphones and clouding systems may seem an expensive option to some guys, it is an essential need to fulfill when you aim to survive and grow in the urban business atmosphere.

The use of smartphones and similar products at your workplace leaves an impact on the mindset of your customers. Impressing them with technology will bring them back to your shop repeatedly and again.

Rule #4: Focus On Eliminating the Clutter From Your Shop Atmosphere

One of the most significant sufferers of business clutter is smoke shops. You must provide a very calm and concentrated atmosphere to your customers when they purchase anything from your shop. They must not see anything like leaf emojis or rasta beads in every corner of your shop. They are likely to leave if they see such things, obviously without buying anything. Yes, returning customers will still buy a product from you, but new customers need to be captivated from the moment they step into your shop, and you must not make them lose their attention on ordinary things.

You control the shop, so any business collateral of the companies you are promoting should never create a hurdle in your sales process. This is why I have already suggested you train your employees and establish a learning atmosphere at your shop. When they remember the products every company is selling with critical features of each product, they supply the same information to a customer and provide them with crucial data for getting closer to making knowledge-based decisions. Most of these decisions contribute to your sales.

You should also take a deep look at your inventory and develop a mindful process of impressing the customers. Every smoking product available in your store should not show on your shelves. You should know what stock is in the bar in the area where you are selling, and the low-performing items should be eliminated from your shop shelves. Instead of showing such items on your shop shelves, you should find new ways about telling customers that you have those items, so you can either use images or some showcase to list such items. The main advantage of this showcase strategy is that while the local customers will keep on buying from you, the traveling and tourist-like guys will also buy from you.

Rule #5: Make Your Products More Organized

It would help if you did everything right from the first day. Organizing products is one of the most critical things in this regard. Buying pipes in bulk and mixing them with cigarettes, hacky sacks, blunt wraps, etc., will create a mess in your shop. Not only are the functions of your staff disturbed due to such a mess, but also they find it harder to reach the correct items when new orders come. Moreover, the retail environment gets into absolute chaos.

The best way to avoid these problems is to develop an already organized atmosphere by placing your inventory at the light sports off your shop. In this regard, as different smoke shops operate in different atmospheres and try to attract different types of customers, you need to develop your plan for the area you are working in and take customers’ buying trends into account. For example, items sold in large numbers should be easily accessible, while seldom-selling items should transfer to the farther corners of your shop. And all the things should be organized in their particular categories so that the customers find it easier to move through your items even when they want to select by comparing different item varieties.

Photo by Josiah Weiss on Unsplash

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