Five Types of Cardboard Boxes That Will Help You Market Your Products

Esthetic and pleasing product packaging is required for companies to stand out in the competitive edge and give tough conditions to others. For this purpose, packaging suppliers use many advanced and innovative tactics to create stunning masterpieces that display products in the retail store. Perfect cardboard boxes must have some features enlisted below for the customers. 

  • Secure
  • Branded 
  • Attractive 
  • Customized 
  • Eco-friendly

Let’s look at the top five types of cardboard packaging that are used for different purposes and still help companies market their products in the industry. 

Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes for Brand Advertisement

When we talk about cardboard packaging types, the first one that emerges thoughtlessly in our mind is printed cardboard boxes. A good printed product packaging with brand details, product features, and alluring artwork works excellently to engage customers and force them to buy the product at market-leading prices. 

In this regard, choose any printing method, from digital, screen, or offset printing, as per the choices of which colors you want. For example, you select one-color, two-color, three-color, and four-color printing for the cardboard packaging, so pick the best you can afford.

 In addition, cardboard packaging box manufacturers offer CMYK and PMS color models to ensure the accurate payout of colors. Whether companies use large cardboard packaging boxes or small, they must print imperative information on the box to deliver information about the product. 

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Usage 
  • Ingredients 
  • MFG 
  • Barcodes/ QR codes 
  • Precautions & Instructions 
  • Product name 
  • Quantity 

Die-cut Cardboard Boxes for Product Visibility

Unique shapes, styles, and structural dimensions improve product visibility for customers. For this purpose, packaging suppliers develop innovative styles that give the product a distinctive place on the retail shelves. Furthermore, if an e-commerce brand uses unique die-cuts for cardboard packing boxes, it can provide the best user experience for its customers.

Thus, brands prefer to use unique shades and styles of boxes that give the product boxes a titillating look. For example, using a straight tuck end with a front die-cut hole is one fabulous option for packing fragile syrup and serum bottles inside the boxes.

 Besides, by adding die-cut windows to the boxes, brands can maximize product visibility for customers. So, it’s all up to you to choose a single-sided or double-sided window for the product box. Also, you can choose any unique shape or small window to provide product transparency so customers are satisfied after buying the product. 

Eco-friendly Cardboard Boxes to Promote Green Environment

 If product suppliers want to engage environment-conscious customers to play their role as green planet supporters, then nothing does better than using eco-friendly product packaging boxes. There are multiple ways that are common in the industry to promote sustainability through packaging. 

Cardboard packaging boxes are recyclable and easily convert in any shape, so customers prefer to buy products that come in cardboard packaging boxes. According to Meyer’s report, 60% of American customers want to buy goods that come in recyclable packaging solutions. So, product manufacturers meet the audience’s needs by using cardboard with toxin and ink toners, which are safe for our environment. 

Using natural brown Kraft materials to print information without using any base colors is also one stunning option that companies adopt to promote the brand. 

Retail-Ready Cardboard Boxes For Promotion

Retail-ready cardboard boxes not only engage customers but also save warehouse workers time. This kind of packaging box takes less time to organize on retail shelves and has printed stuff, which assists companies in promoting the brand in the industry. Therefore, cardboard package boxes must have tremendous and eye-catching artwork that turns the target audience’s heads towards them. Wisely designed retail-ready packaging boxes can significantly promote the brand in the industry without increasing the business budget. 

Cardboard Display Boxes To Enhance Custom Access

Cardboard display boxes can particularly be designed to showcase the products in the most attention-seeking areas of the mall and counters. Display cardboard boxes come in different sizes and are used to display the product on retail shelves. Some types are used to display products in floor standups from the start of the row and ending like power wings. On the other hand, some display cardboard box packaging designed to present products near counter areas, and these are small in shape. Some of the most famous display cardboard packaging for retail purposes are mentioned below.

  • Five-panel hanger 
  • Dispenser display boxes 
  • Countertop display boxes 
  • Four wall display trays 

Final Words

The discussion above explains the top five types of cardboard packaging that are popular in the industry, and people love to buy products that are present in them. Printed cardboard boxes are attractive and advertising products in the market. Furthermore, eco-friendly cardboard boxes engage customers who want to buy products in recyclable packaging boxes. Similarly, retail-ready cardboard boxes promote the brand and save a lot of time for organizing on shelves. So, choose the right packaging boxes to present the product in the industry.


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