Forget Entourage — Migrate to Outlook with Ease

As a mail client, Entourage has its pros and cons. Now, it is officially discontinued, which is why users are seeking ways to export their data. MS Outlook is an obvious choice due to its wide functionality and features for professional communication. As this client belongs to another operating system, the transfer is no piece of cake. Without third-party tools, failure is highly likely.

Not only do the systems work in different environments. They also store data in different, incompatible formats. Therefore, the conversion is a must. Solutions for import of Entourage emails on guarantee smooth and quick transition. Dedicated utilities ensure all messages and attachments are converted and moved safely.

How Transfer Tools Work

There is no inbuilt feature for the export of Entourage data. It is stored in the *.MBOX format, while Outlook will only recognize *.PST. Thus, dragging and dropping the files achieves nothing. Third-party tools, on the other hand, guarantee quality and speed. These are easy to install, lightweight, and intuitive. Not only do they save your time — but they also guarantee the integrity of data.

First, the system turns your source mail into PST files. The result is either a separate file or direct import into Outlook. Both 32- and 64-bit systems are supported. There is simply no alternative way to achieve perfect accuracy. This is why such utilities are worth every penny.

Besides, the procedure is incredibly simple. All you need to do is relocate files from the source folder onto your Windows device. No editing or renaming is required. What happens next is entirely automatic.

Maximized Convenience

The job is done in a flash, and no specialist knowledge is necessary. Top solutions are only single-window programs with an intuitive interface and a concise set of buttons. There are no annoying checkboxes to tick. Most importantly, the error-free result is guaranteed.

You are bound to cope with the task whatever your skill level. Most reliable programs require a one-time purchase. This means you can transfer as much and as often as you need, with every new conversion getting cheaper. With licensed products from the provider’s official website, you can be sure no adware is snuck into the installation file. Other benefits are:

● safe auto-import of emails including attachments and images;
● no cluttering of memory;
● guaranteed readability;
● recovery of damaged *.MBOX files;
● support of all Entourage and Outlook versions.

The Bottom Line

Dedicated transfer tools ensure accurate and speedy migration between Entourage and Outlook. Moreover, client-specific solutions offer the only way to move data (including images and attachments) safely. When information matters, manual attempts are simply out of the question. Avoid loss or damage of valuable and sensitive information by opting for an automated tool.

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