Four Different Types Of US Holidays To Look Forward To Next Year

Going on holiday is exciting. While giving you a nice break from the everyday, they can also create memories and friendships that can last a lifetime. There are many types of holidays to add to your calendar, all year round. The United States is one country that boasts a huge range of places to enjoy your time away from home. Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple or with your family or friends, there’s something great for everyone. Check out these fantastic holidays and make sure to add them to your itinerary for the new year.

Long weekends away

Do you have a long weekend lined up in your future? It’s the perfect time to take a break and see and do something new. A casino vacation is ideal for couples and groups of friends, and America has the iconic Las Vegas Strip in Nevada for tourists. If the world-famous ‘City of Lights’ isn’t your thing, there are some of the best casino destinations outside of Vegas to visit instead such as Atlantic City in New Jersey. There are plenty of other activities to take part in on a long weekend away to somewhere like New Jersey as well, such as visiting the beach, the city aquarium and the Absecon Lighthouse, which offer something a bit different than a typical trip to Vegas.

City breaks

America’s cities are some of the best destinations on the planet, and are perfect whether you’re looking for a shorter trip or want to include several in your itinerary on a longer tour. Choose New York to visit iconic sights you see in the movies and on TV every day, or head west to Los Angeles to rub shoulders with the stars and wannabes in Hollywood. Follow the Freedom Trail in Boston and then pick up the fight for independence in Philadelphia. Go sky high in Denver or among the tall buildings in Dallas. Visit Little Italy in Chicago and admire the federal sights in Washington DC. Relive history and soak up heritage and culture in any US city you visit.

Beach holidays

A few days at the ocean is a prime vacation for just about anyone. Whether you’re lounging on the sand, building castles with the kids or enjoying water sports, this is a holiday everyone can enjoy. California has a huge number of iconic beaches, including Newport Beach, Venice Beach, Laguna Beach and Santa Monica. Over on the East Coast, Florida is home to Clearwater Beach, Miami Beach and Panama City Beach. Of course, you can also find beaches in Texas, as well as Coney Island in New York and a variety of beaches in New England and South Carolina which are all worth checking out.

American States road trip

If you have time and want to see more of the country on your holiday, consider mapping out a road trip. Route 66, which travels from Chicago to Santa Monica, California is a wonderful way to see some of the best historic Americana landmarks along the way. The Pacific Coast Highway runs along the coast of California and up into Washington. Another beautiful road trip is the Appalachian Trail, which carries you from New England down into the heart of the south, letting you see a little bit of everything along the way.

If you’re ready for a holiday, there are plenty of fun and exciting things to do, alone or with a group. When you travel, make sure you bring a camera so you can record your favorite moments along the way. Remember that half the fun is planning the trip so enjoy the lead up to your holiday as well!

Photo by Chen Mizrach on Unsplash

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