Four Steps to Building a Traditional Cassowary Family

All birds are a living form of dinosaurs. But cassowaries seem to be a real throwback to what a lot of dinosaurs used to look and act like. They can grow to be more than 6 feet tall. They can run very quickly through the forest without worrying about bumping into stuff thanks to that boney triangle on their heads. And they’ve got giant claws on their feet they can use to disembowel people.

Another fascinating thing about them is their family life. Please consider these observations about what it’s like to be one of these amazing, yet endangered animals:

1. Building a home


2. Once the eggs are laid, it’s up to pop to keep them warm and safe.



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3.  It’s up to pop to feed and raise the chicks, too.


4. Half-siblings/cousins are bound to run into each other. It’s totally natural.



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