From the Stage to Social Media: Youtube and TikTok Viral Dance Media Channels

Love them or loathe them; there is no escaping the viral dance right now! TikTok and YouTube are home to hundreds of dance channels, the hosts of which are all hoping to hit the big time with the next must-master set of moves.


Successful viral dances catch a wave and ride a moment in time – they’re fun, with easy-to-pick-up moves, and it’s often hard to define precisely why these videos have succeeded where so many others haven’t. What is obvious, though, is that these short little sets of moves have the potential to quickly become part of the vocabulary of the classroom, the office, the boardroom, and even cross-cultural and geographical borders to take on a life of their own.


While there’s no fail-safe magic formula for creating a world-dominating viral dance video, some channels have hit gold – let’s look at these below to learn what we can about how to make a successful vid.

Zaya Sosho

If you’re looking for a social media marketing 101 masterclass, you will do well to keep a close eye on Zaya Sosho’s TikTok account. Zaya is the leader of the FutureKingz dance crew and has already been responsible for several viral dance moves. He regularly dances with his girlfriend Dytto, who is a viral dance superstar in her own right – read more about her below.


The most successful of Sosho’s dances to date is his trademark Kangsta Wok, which became a viral smash after the creator was filmed teaching the moves to Billie Eilish.

The Williams Fam

The Williams Fam can be found on TikTok, and these four brothers are already responsible for not one but a slew of viral video dances. Fans love the boys’ fun, easy-to-follow, high-quality choreography and relatable personalities.


And for those looking for some tips on how to make the next viral dance craze? The Williams Fam has many helpful hints on this score, too!


Willdabeest – aka Will Adams – is an extremely sought-after dance teacher, and his YouTube channel, which he runs with long-time partner Janelle Ginestra, has been responsible for a glut of viral dance vids to date. These include dances to Beyonce’s Countdown and Tyce Diorio’s Artist Request.


With nearly four million subscribers to her YouTube channel, where her fans know her as the ‘dancing Barbie’ Dytto is a master of viral dance creations.


Dytto posts new content every Friday; her Barbie Girl Dance, Robotic Dance, and tutting sequences are just a few of her world-dominating moves to date.

Michael Le

Professional dancer Michael Le really hit his stride when his TikTok vids of dancing in public- in some improbable places! – began to go viral a few years back. His account is upbeat, inspirational, and one of the best places to keep your eye on if you’re looking for the next viral dance craze!

Tricia Miranda

Widely regarded as one of the masters of the viral dance video, Tricia Miranda has been releasing YouTube smashes since 2014, when the vid of Miranda dancing with her class to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda bagged over thirty million views and caused a global dance craze.


Miranda has a few key pieces of advice when asked about the secret to making a viral dance video. Firstly, she suggests creators design moves to tracks that are in the Top 40 – songs should be used that plenty of people are searching for online. Secondly, she says cinematography needs to be of a professional standard. Lastly, a party vibe is essential. If the dancers are genuinely having a good time, the viewers are more likely to, as well.


Dancer, coach, and choreographer Ronronryan released a TikTok video of his moves to a remix of the song Wet The Bed by Chris Brown, featuring Ludacris, just last month, and it’s already racked up more than one million views and is well on the way to becoming a viral smash, with millions of people getting to grips with the dance.


We’ll be watching Ronronryan’s TikTok account with interest to see his next creation!

Why Have Viral Dance Become So Popular?

Undoubtedly, the rise of the viral dance is a phenomenon. But why have these short dance sequences taken the world by storm?


Well, firstly, their format: everyone can have a go at learning the few key moves of a short dance posted on TikTok or YouTube; you don’t need to be a professional dancer or spend hours trying to get to grips with a long, complex routine. This, and their focus on having fun, make these dances accessible to all – everyone can have a go and join in the fun.


The lockdowns further fuelled the viral dance craze; with many of us suddenly having more time on our hands – and nowhere to go – these vids were an entertaining, uplifting way to inject a little fun into our days, keep fit, and even connect with friends and family members.


With the creators of viral dance videos now becoming as well known as the moves themselves, it’s likely that dance channels and platforms will only grow in popularity over the coming years, bringing their unique mix of optimism, inclusion, and fun into our lives.

Photo by Collabstr on Unsplash

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