Fund KINGFISHER and Their Debut Album

When he is not drawing RIPE, the original comic strip we have been running at Cultural Weekly, Shea Bartel is the lead singer and keyboard player for KINGFISHER, a band that he founded.

And the band is ready to record their debut album!

Please consider funding KINGFISHER’s Kickstarter project and help them raise the necessary funds to share their work with the world.

Hi, we’re KINGFISHER and we’re doing this Kickstarter to fund the recording, production and duplication of our first album. When we started playing together in the summer of 2012, we weren’t aware of it, but we were starting a journey that would lead to this album. Our sound has changed and refined dramatically. We now find ourselves with skillful, energetic drumming, soaring, morphing guitar tones, warm, pearly synthesizers, clever, melodic bass lines and clear, polished vocals. Overall, we go down pretty darn smooth.

Here’s the breakdown of what we’ll use the funds for:

$2500 – Recording and production at Humans Win Studio.

$500 – Mixing and mastering.

$850 – CD Duplication

$50 – Online distribution

$600 – Reward Fufillment

Additional Funds will go to marketing and creating a Kingfisher Music Video.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our Kickstarter! We really appreciate it.


KINGFISHER ‘s Debut Album!

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