Fuze Bug Reviews – Mosquito Repellent Lamp Really Works or Bogus Results?

Fuze Bug is a new device in the market that targets mosquitoes and other annoying bugs to kill them instantly. Its official website states that the device uses light to attract the bugs which can then be killed and collected safely in a tray at the bottom without making a mess. In addition to being a bug killer, it can also be used as a mild illuminator during the night. Backed by several Fuze Bug customer reviews on the official website, this device can be an efficient solution to a mosquito-free summer.

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When you think of the summers, what comes to your mind? Spending your days relaxing in the warm, pleasant sun rays. It is indeed a time to explore the outdoors and spend maximum time out in your own backyard. However, while summers look like the perfect time to get things done, there is one thing that may hinder you from leaving your house i.e. mosquitoes. These bugs can not only constantly nag you in the ears but may also carry many harmful diseases that they can put in your body as they bite you.

To avoid getting swarmed by bugs and mosquitoes all the time, many people resort to chemical sprays and coils; however, they do more harm than good. So naturally, people think of a solution that does not make use of any harmful technology to kill the mosquitoes and the Fuze Bug repellent lamp can be one such solution.

To know more about Fuze Bug mosquito killer, its price, and its working, keep reading the following Fuze Bug review.

Fuze Bug Review

Fuze Bug is an electronic device that also works as a mosquito repellent. It is small in size and portable with an LED-fused cylinder. It works by providing a non-UV light that attracts mosquitoes together with all other insects. So whether it is mosquitoes or any other crawlers that are nagging you, Fuze Bug light can help you get rid of all of them before they get to you and cause trouble.

The official website mentions that as soon as an insect comes in contact with the Fuze Bug mosquito killer, the device produces a strong electric current. This wave of current kills the bug and eliminates it instantly. The dead body is then thrown into a tray installed at the bottom of the device. Users can take out this tray and clean it easily.

In this way, Fuze Bug light can ensure that you remain insect-free no matter what time of the day it is or how the weather is outside. It has been designed by the company as a potential solution and a reliable companion for anyone who wishes to make the most out of summers without any hindrance from mosquitoes. Additionally, it is extremely easy to carry and is portable. This means that you can carry a Fuze Bug repellent lamp with you to any part of the house, and even outside.

Every Fuze Bug mosquito device comes with a small battery installed in it along with a cable to charge it. Once fully charged, this device can work for 20 hours straight without the need to be plugged into an active electricity source. Moreover, it only needs a few hours of charging and may easily keep working for the full next day.

People have always been in search of the perfect mosquito-killing solution for a long time. Some of the solutions that have been tried so far in this context include:

  • Sealing all gaps inside the house so that the mosquitoes are unable to get in. However, this is practically impossible as it requires keeping all doors and windows shut permanently which may be inconvenient and cause poor ventilation.
  • Using essential oils by adding them to diffusers or using them in the form of sprays. However, these oils, even though they may provide a pleasant smell, cannot always be effective against killing mosquitoes.
  • Purchasing bug sprays to kill mosquitoes; however, they also come with their own set of side effects. For example, these sprays are loaded with multiple chemicals that, when inhaled, can cause a lot of trouble. They are particularly unsafe for children as well as pets.
  • Burning a mosquito-killing coil. However, such types of coils normally release a lot of smoke while working against the mosquitoes. This smoke may not only be unpleasant but can also cause cough and other problems related to breathing.

As mentioned above, all traditional remedies come with their own set of disadvantages, requiring an innovative solution against these pesky mosquitoes, and Fuze Bug can be an effective one in this regard.

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How Does the Fuze Bug Work?

As mentioned by several Fuze Bug reviews online, this device is quite easy to understand and run. As far as its mechanism of working is concerned, the company states that it does not need any configuration or special settings to make sure that it starts operating. The website also states that there is no likely limitation on its usage; meaning that users can carry it to any place and keep it running in any temperature or weather.

To make it work optimally, users are advised to keep it next to them in their study, bedrooms, and offices. However, Fuze Bug mosquito killer can also be used in the kitchen, poolside, and even in the backyard. When functional, it can cover an area of 375 square feet, and in this area, it can easily attract all bugs and crawlers towards it and eliminate them instantly.

The official Fuze Bug website states that this device works in the following way to help eliminate mosquitoes.

  • First, the device needs to be turned on for which it needs to be charged. For charging, users can use any universal charger. Once the battery is sufficiently charged, the charging light changes to purple, indicating that its battery is fully loaded with power.
  • In the next step, users must ensure that the LED light is on so that the Fuze Bug repellent lamp can start attracting any mosquitoes in the surrounding areas. With a vast area of coverage, as mentioned above, the device can easily work on getting rid of most, if not all the bugs in your vicinity.
  • Once the bugs come near the light, they eventually enter an internal chamber. This chamber works as an electric shock compartment and uses an electric current to electrocute and instantly kill the bugs.
  • The bodies of the dead mosquitoes and crawlers keep collected in an internal tray to make sure that the surrounding area does not get littered. As soon as the tray gets filled, users can take it out and clean it.

An additional working feature of Fuze Bug is that it can also be used as a lamp, especially in outdoor settings, such as during camping. This means this device can be considered as a 2-in-1 formula to help get rid of bugs while getting a source of light when it gets dark. The light installed inside FuzeBug can be adjusted as per personal needs so you may not have to worry about it disturbing your sleep.

Key Features of Fuze Bug Zapper

According to getfuzebug.com, the following are the key features of Fuze Bug mosquito zapper:

  • Fuze Bug works by luring insects using a source of light. This light is LED in nature and completely free from any ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, there is no likely side effect that can occur due to the use of the Fuze Bug. Mosquitoes along with other crawlers easily get attracted to LED light; hence, this device can be a useful solution for houses next to huge backyards.
  • The company behind FuzeBug has especially focused on the reliability and strength of this product. Its outer body has been made of a durable material and comes in blue color. Solid plastic has been used to strengthen its device and can likely tolerate all types of weather conditions. Hence, users can keep on using it without worrying about it getting damaged in the sun or rain.
  • There is a separate compartment in Fuze Bug mosquito killer for trapping the bugs and a separate one for storing their dead bodies. This makes the device easier to use.
  • Fuze Bug also comes with a rechargeable battery. As soon as they plug the Fuze Bug light in the electricity port, the charger light turns red which indicates that the battery needs to be charged. As soon as you turn on the socket, the device begins to charge which is indicated via a green light. Once the light turns purple, it means that the battery has been charged to the maximum of its capacity.
  • The Fuze Bug mosquito killer works best when you place it at a point that is a hub of insects. For example, you may place it next to a window where the mosquitoes come from. Or, if you are using it while camping, you may place it just outside your tent.

Where To Buy Fuze Bug? Current Price and Discount Information

Go to getfuzebug.com to get your hands on your very own Fuze Bug mosquito zapper today. At the moment, the company is offering it at various discount offers so make sure to get it before these offers expire.

The company has specifically mentioned how the Fuze Bug repellent lamp is only available on its official webpage online. You will not be able to find it on any other online platform, including Amazon. In addition to this, physical stores like Walmart will also not have it in stock. The rights of distribution of this mosquito killer have not been given to any other shop and if you come across this device being sold elsewhere, consider it a Fuze Bug scam and stay away from it.

The current price list of Fuze Bug as mentioned on the official company can be found below:

  • Alpha pack includes one Fuze Bug repellent lamp for $38.99 only
  • Beta pack includes two Fuze Bug lamps for $37.99 each
  • Gamma pack includes three Fuze Bug lamps for $35.99 each
  • Delta pack includes four Fuze Bug lamps for $33.99 each
  • Epsilon pack includes five Fuze Bug lamps for $31.99 each

As it is evident from the deals mentioned above, users are likely to get more discounts if they purchase bulk deals. So if you have more than one family member living at your home or you wish to share the Fuze Bug mosquito device with your friends, it is better to get yourself one of the above-mentioned discount deals so that you can save money.

The company is also offering a shipping service with every order you place on the official website. For local orders, it takes 5 to 7 days to deliver the device to the customer’s doorstep. However, for international orders, the duration may prolong.

As long as you place the order, all customers will get a confirmatory email within 48 hours. The company also provides a tracking link through which you can keep an eye on where your order has reached currently.

If you wish to invest in Fuze Bug mosquito trap but are still a bit hesitant about spending money on something off the internet, this hesitancy is legit. With so many items on the internet being nothing but a rip-off, it is expected of any user to think a thousand times before investing their hard-earned money on something that they cannot even check physically. The company behind Fuze Bug mosquito zapper understands this concern and has, therefore, given a money-back guarantee on every order you place through the official website.

According to this money-back policy, customers are liable to demand their money back in case they are not satisfied with their product. However, it is important to ensure that this offer is placed within 30 days of order placement. If this duration is surpassed, the company can reject the refund offer.

If you have any query regarding the Fuze Bug zapper, its price, or the refund policy, the company has provided enough details on its website for making contact. You can get in touch with the customer service team by either calling at +1 (866) 466-2390 or mailing at support@fuzebug.com.

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Is Fuze Bug Scam or Legit? Main Benefits and Pros

According to the Fuze Bug website as well as multiple Fuze Bug mosquito reviews, there are many benefits associated with this mosquito killing device. Some of these expected benefits are explained below:

  • It is a portable device that can be carried anywhere. It also runs on batteries which once charged can keep working for up to 20 hours, according to the website.
  • Fuze Bug zapper is extremely easy to use. Users are not likely to set any settings to get it up and running. They can work on it straight out of the box. All it needs is battery charging which can be estimated based on the color of the light installed on it.
  • The device comes with longevity and durability which means that it is likely able to tolerate variable temperatures and climate conditions.
  • It can be a great option for people who are looking for a long-term solution to a mosquito-free home.
  • With fewer mosquitoes inside the home, users can save themselves from the harmful diseases that these insects may carry.
  • Users can sleep peacefully throughout the night without mosquitoes constantly buzzing in their ears.
  • It comes with an easy-to-remove tray that keeps collecting the dead mosquitoes so that the surrounding environment does not get littered. This tray can be removed and cleaned once full.
  • The LED light installed in FuzeBug can be adjusted. You may choose from four different settings – 0%, 20%, 50%, and 100% according to your preference so that it does not interfere with your sleep or other activities.
  • Because Fuze Bug does not make use of any chemicals and does not rely on smoke to kill bugs, it is likely safe and is not expected to cause any harm to adults, kids, and pets.
  • The company has priced Fuze Bug mosquito killer at a reasonable price. And if you go for discounted bulk prices, you can even save up on much more money.

Fuze Bug Reviews – Last Words

Fuze Bug can be a useful solution to get rid of mosquitoes from their homes without putting themselves at any risk. This device uses LED light and electric current to attract bugs and kill them without relying on any chemicals or smoke. Hence, it can be considered safe even if you are living in a family with kids and pets. The company has priced it at reasonable rates so that every user can easily buy it. Moreover, additional discounts have been given if they go for bulk purchases so that they can live a bug-free life without drilling a hole in their pockets.

So if you have tried out every other device and are still not satisfied with it, you can consider giving Fuze Bug zapper a try. For more information or to place your order, click here to head to its official website today.

Fuze Bug Mosquito Killer Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Fuze Bug Light produce any smoke?

No, unlike the conventional mosquito-killing coils, the Fuze Bug mosquito device does not produce any smoke while it is running. It relies on electric current to kill these flying insects which means that it is likely free from smoke as well as any other chemical.

  • What is included in every Fuze Bug order?

In every order that you place via the Fuze Bug website, you will get a USB micro-charger of type-C. In addition to this, the order also comes with a brush that you can use to clean the coil installed inside the device.

  • Is Fuze Bug light a good investment for health

Yes, the Fuze Bug can be a good solution, not only for mosquitoes but also for your health. Using this device can get rid of these flying insects that carry multiple diseases like malaria. So as you rely on it, you are less likely to have these bugs biting you, sucking your blood, or dropping in your food and drinks.

In addition to this, you can expect to sleep peacefully as there are no mosquitoes to nag you. Your comfort will not get disturbed and you wake up feeling fresh the next day.

  • Can you purchase a Fuze Bug repellent lamp from any other website?

Right now, Fuze Bug is only available for purchase on fuzebug.io. The company has not given its rights of selling to any other platform including Amazon and Walmart. Even if someone else tries to sell you this device, consider it a scam and stay away from it.

  • How can you get in touch with the customer support team?

You can make a call at +1 (866) 466-2390 or send a mail at support@fuzebug.com if you wish to get in touch with the FuzeBug customer service team.

  • How can you use the Fuze Bug light?

First, you need to make sure that the device is charged. For this purpose, you may use the USB charger that comes along with every order. Once the light on the device turns purple, it means that the battery has been fully charged. Next, you have to turn the rotary switch on till you hear the “click” sound. Your device is ready to work!

  • How can you charge FuzeBug?

The company provides a USB charger with every order for Fuze Bug you place through the official website. It just needs a few hours to charge and once charged fully, it can keep running for up to 20 hours.

  • Is the Fuze Bug mosquito killer durable?

Yes, according to the official website, there is a shatter-resistant cover that protects the Fuze Bug repellent lamp so it can be expected to have high durability.

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