Gabriel Harmon: Four Poems

Whip grass bent low

lean in to it and wait for the updraft

I’m thankful for these lead filled shoes sometimes

Taxidermy city street hovers above security.

See inside my bag of tricks and I’ll read you a story

of the Cataloged Emporium of oddities and natural history.

the sky scribe contemplating constellations narrations

fundamental foundations ley lines lay down design now

Heat wave caravan

Spin it up again

constructs stitched with the Positively charged

rising vapors


How do you take care of yourself?

Every day I cook breakfast it’s always the same, three eggs over a medium flame for 5 minutes. I’ll get a big glass of water and wait watching that mornings latest video of whatever nonsense I find interesting. It’s small but it’s mine and it’s just enough to get me through the day.


My dreams

I dreamt about getting a job in an architect’s office

and the feeling of success that all my work so far

has been for something important.

I dreamt about getting my own place

and starting a family.


Letter to the shadow

Where are you

Manic razorblade focus

Strike again or is this the wrong medium

The membrane has callused

The alcoholic erosion control gates rust

This tool box is not the same


There must be another way to pull off this heist

Back roads and secret passages

Mindfulness and I’ll find a way.

What are you looking for?