Gabriella Rose: “read me like your favorite girl.”

read me like I am your favorite girl. 

I want you to read me like your favorite book.
One you can never put down,
One you re read time and time again,
But it never gets old.
A book that you relate to immediately.
You know the story all too well.
One you find predictable,
But sweet.
But perfect in your eyes.
Like a book that maybe your friends judge you for reading,
But you still read and continue to love.
A book you take everywhere you go.
A book you put on the highest shelf.
A book you don’t fold tabs in and read later when you get bored.
A book you love even if the word choices need improvement,
Or some of the pages are torn out.
Because even with the poor word choice, gaps in the plot,
And judgement from your friends,
You still read me like your favorite book, one you will love all over 

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