Gaelle Henry: Seeing Red

A red dress, a breeze, a Paris rooftop against a cloudy sky, and the absolutely beautiful dance of Gaelle Henry, are the ingredients for Seeing Red, one of my all time favorites by director Dominique Palombo.

As previously mentioned when I featured N’Arrete Pas! – another of Palombo’s dance shorts – with his eye for location, framing, editing that transforms the actual movement, and the relationship of the latter to music mostly found post shoot, he is almost as much a choreographer as a director.

Gaelle Henry creates a moment
Gaelle Henry creates a moment in Seeing Red

I love how the shape and expression of Gaelle’s improvised movement is so beautifully instinctive and unpretentious, the red dress standing out in relief against the overcast sky, and the silhouetted rooftop detail, so moody and iconic… It all makes me want to jump on the next plane to Paris. The simple elegance of the shots – without moving cameras or fancy angles – once again reinforces (at least for me) the power of great dance and its intersection with film to capture a mood, illuminate a place, create a moment in time, and hold a viewer in rapture. Enjoy.

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