Game Over Fishing

The demand for seafood is growing. That’s great, people want to eat more healthy. What’s not great is that people are taking fish out of the sea faster than the fish can reproduce. So what are the animals to do?

Find food in other ways, hopefully.

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UNDERDONE: pelican-goldfish
In order to adapt to dwindling global fish populations, animals like this pelican are using creative ways to find what they think is their natural prey.

Sea creatures are adapting, though. Pretty soon they’ll be found in the oddest of places, impacting us all.

Watch where you sit!

UNDERDONE: papasan anemone
Furniture store workers and shoppers beware! With the dwindling population of the earth’s fishes, certain predatory animals have adapted to seek easier, more abundant prey. Like the newly speciated giant papasan anemone, for instance.


Look up before you turn the shower on.

UNDERDONE: killer sea nettle
He thought his wife had surprised him by installing a lovely rain shower head for their anniversary. But little did he know that it was just another sea creature adapting to a dwindling fish population.


Watch your step!

UNDERDONE: escalator bear
What will a bear do once it is no longer able to catch salmon swimming upstream? It will do this of course.

We’ll see if these animals can adapt. Most likely, though, their numbers will keep dwindling. If you eat seafood. Be responsible about it. Check out the Seafood Watch!

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