‘The Game of Thrones’ prequel is in the process

The recent updates of media claim that HBO is about to sign an agreement to produce another part of the popular TV-show. The 2018 book ‘Flame and Blood’ is the basis for shooting the prequel. No doubt, there will be a vast amount of people who would like to watch it no matter how many parts will it consist of.

What makes people obsessed with this series?

You might ask why this series is the talk of the town. And there is a simple answer – it is all thanks to the film strategy. It is not a coincidence that a particular product becomes viral. It is about determination and focusing on the main aims of the expecting outcome like in gambling. In particular, it is similar to the casino strategy, where you take into consideration each of your steps and actions. Visiting NativeCasinos, you will learn what tricks can be applied during gambling to make a win-win.

The producers set their characters free regarding their actions – all clichés were demolished. The strategy of breaking the taboos is the secret of its enormous success. Therefore, it is not surprising that this series has become a legend among others.

A new plot: a journey to the formerly events in Westeros

The producers have been teasing fans long before the release of last season. Back in 2017, HBO said they were working on several spin-offs.

The shooting of the pilot episode has begun in in June. John Martin has written the script for the series in collaboration with Jane Goldman. Talking about the project itself, it involves such stars as John Simm, Sheila Atim, Georgie Henley, Alex Sharp, Josh Whitehouse, and others. At the end of July, HBO head Casey Bloys spoke about the completion of the filming of the pilot.

The plot takes us to the preceding events in the previous eight seasons. This time, the audience will find out about the disaster in Valiria, the establishment of the Targaryen dynasty and the conquest between the Seven Kingdoms. Earlier, hints of the adaptation of ‘Flame and Blood’ appeared on the blog of George Martin, who is the author of the original novels. However, HBO has not yet commented on this information.

At the same time, the sources emphasize that this spin-off will be significantly different from the existing series. Besides, the producers want to use some new features to recreate the fantastic world of the book.

Besides, Martin’s blog posts, in turn, have already given hints and new puzzles for fans.

What characters will remain?

Even though the action will be transferred for thousands of years into the past, fans will be able to recognize the Starks, the descendants of the first people who settled down in the north of Westeros.

As for the Lannisters, by the time of the events of the ‘Long Night’ their family had not yet managed to form. The Lannister clan’s nest, which is Casterly’s cliff, is included in the prequel geography. Though it will be inhabited by the dynasty by whose name it is called. Yet, it is not known whether the spin-off will affect this story.

The fans can already start expecting their favorite TV-show to reveal the other secrets and mysteriousness of the Westeros past.

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