Game of Thrones, Washington Edition: What to look for in the coming episode

Storm clouds are gathering. Climate change is coming. Icebergs (if not icewalls) are melting. It’s Game of Thrones, D.C. edition.

The embattled House Democrats, having been reanimated in January by Melisandre Pelosi, have hunkered down in the Capitol to marshal forces and ponder their next counterattack against the realm’s archenemy. They have fortified their arsenal with the dragon glass of Congressional subpoenas.

Meanwhile, the Night King and his horde of zombified white walkers (who lack noses in front of their unseeing eyes), taking confidence in the unverified and highly exaggerated reports of their cause’s strength, remain in lockstep as they continue their inexorable march to eradicate the memory of their malevolent leader’s lawless reign as well as meaningful life for all but the richest one percent.

In the impending epic impeachment battle there appear to be cracks in the once-impregnable Republican Senate. Ser Romney, after reading the Mueller report, claimed to be “sickened” by the administration’s “dishonesty.” Lady Collins clutched her pearls in dismay over the absence of “an inclusive approach to governing that is critical to healing the divisions.”

Could the neutered Theons within the GOP, stricken by conscience heretofore devoid in their character, recognize the absence of power in darkness and begin to attempt to atone for their spineless service and abject servility? Might their tortured souls for once value integrity over material gain and consider the welfare of all commoners ahead of their own interests…if only to preserve their moribund re-election hopes?

Winter is coming (but not for 18 months or so). Stay tuned.

Image: Courtesy of Flickr by thisisbossi under Creative Commons license.

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