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Who would love to go to some good old rock concert?! You’re in for a real treat this year as the legendary rock band Genesis is back en route after a 14-year long hiatus. You cannot miss watching them perform if you are a true rock music fan! The band is one of the best-selling artists worldwide, with more than a hundred million copies sold.

This is the chance for you to hear and experience first-hand why Genesis is such a successful band and how they’re still rocking it after all these years! So, check out Genesis tour today to find the best dates for you and your friends.

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Your love for rock music will get even stronger as you attend the upcoming Genesis tour! The group has come together after nearly a decade and a half, and they’re back for good. So get ready to grab your Genesis presale tickets as soon as you can!

English group Genesis formed in 1967 with five pupils from Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey. They were Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Chris Stewart, and Peter Gabriel, Anthony Philips. Although the band was on and off the radar throughout their career, its numerous hit songs never got off the people’s hearts.

The discography of Genesis includes fifteen studio albums, forty-three singles, six live albums, thirty-two music videos, and many more. Their works have earned them about 21.5 million albums certified by the RIAA in the US, 3.4 million, 5.6 million, and 7.2 million in France, Germany, and the UK, respectively.

They won four Multi-Platinum and eleven Gold albums in the United Kingdom, while in America, they bagged four Multi-Platinum, two Platinum, and seven Gold albums. The group also got an induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in March 2010 by Trey Anastasio, a Phish guitarist.

In 1977, Genesis won a Silver Clef Award because of their phenomenal contributions to the music industry in Britain. The band also won a Grammy Award for Best Concept Music Video in 1988 and got a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.

Another great achievement of Genesis is that the band influenced many other major artists in the industry. While Steve Hackett influenced guitarists like Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen), Brian May (Queen), and Alex Lifeson (Rush), the whole band influenced artists like Will Sergeant and Simple Minds.

Genesis was most popular as songwriters. While the band’s early music style had elements of pop, psychedelic, and folk genres, they developed and changed, especially when they reduced to the trio. Rutherford, Collins, and Banks decided on changing their lyrical styles, where they focused more on everyday and personal matters. However, the band still used humour in their songs like “Illegal Alien,” and also incorporated serious matters like politics in their song “Land of Confusion.”

Genesis had a unique evolution as a band. Their music progressed with every passing era and had many alterations in the band’s line-up too. However, the band shone and saw its highest commercial success when it had Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford in the 1976 line-up.

Some of Genesis most celebrated songs include “The Cinema Show,” “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight,” “I can’t dance,” and “Land of Confusion.” The band still stands strong as one of the best selling artists and most successful groups of all time. They have performed for sold-out arenas and stadiums across the world for several years.

The trio’s first album, “And Then There Were Three” (1978), was a huge success that yielded “Follow You Follow Me,” the band’s first US top 30 and UK top 10 single. It was followed by “Duke” in 1980, “Genesis” in 1983, “Abacab” in 1981, “Invisible Touch” in 1986, “We Can’t Dance” in 1991, and finally “Calling All Stations” in 1997. However, the last album was commercially unsuccessful, and it led to a hiatus of the group.

Genesis reunited in 2007 after about a decade and went on Turn It On Again Tour, which became one of the highest-grossing tours. They played on several sold-out concerts across the United States and Canada. In European countries like Germany and Netherlands, they sold nearly 400,000 tickets in just 40 minutes! The Turn It On Again Tour concluded in Rome at the Circus Maximus, where Genesis played for over 500,000 fans.

Seeing how successful Genesis has been, it isn’t hard to understand how they are so popular and celebrated worldwide. Banks, Collins, and Rutherford announced the band’s reformation in March 2020 and about The Last Domino? Tour. This announcement has made Genesis and rock fans all over the world extremely excited!

After 14 years, the band is ready to tour across UK, North America, and Ireland. Nic Collins will take on the drums, and Daryl Stuermer will be on the guitar/bass. And then you have Phil Collins on the lead vocals/percussion, Tony Banks on the keyboards, and Mike Rutherford on the guitars, bass, and backing vocals.

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You can get cheap Genesis tickets and also book a Genesis luxury suite or Genesis VIP tickets to have a premium experience watching the band perform live this tour.

The Genesis tickets will be in high demand as many people are anxiously waiting for their epic return. You can finally get the opportunity to get to a Genesis meet and greet and see the band perform their hits live. By the name of their tour (The Last Domino?), some perceive it to be their last tour. So don’t miss it if you want to be at one of the best rock concerts.

If you want to get a Genesis ticket Canada or book one of Genesis VIP box seats, your best bet would be to check our recommended sites. Since Genesis is a very popular band, we can only imagine how many people are anticipating watching their shows.

The English band is scheduled to perform for 14 days in the US and two days in Canada. They will be visiting Washington, DC, Detroit, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Cleveland, Toronto, Charlotte, Montreal, and many other cities. In Europe, you can book concerts in Dublin, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow, London, and more.

The Genesis tickets are in high demand, and if you’re not quick, you might miss your chance. So head over to one of the sites to have a hassle-free experience booking Genesis tickets; we bet the price range is much better too! With millions of fans worldwide and everyone waiting for the tour to happen, we are sure Genesis tickets will sell out in no time. If you want to be a part of the crowd, then it’s time to book your best seats to the Genesis concerts nearest to you.

Genesis Ticket Prices & Tour Information

How much are Genesis Tickets? 

If you are anxiously waiting for Genesis tickets, you would be glad to know that they are out for purchase. You can buy the best seats to Genesis concerts through our recommended sites for the best experience. We have different price ranges starting from $67 so you can find the most suitable one for you.   

How to Buy Cheap Genesis Tickets?

Whether you are hoping to spend the smallest amount and enjoy a Genesis concert or plan to splurge on the event, we have everything you need. Refer to our recommended sites to get all the information on Genesis concert tickets and easily find the one that suits your budget best.

Will Genesis Go On Tour?

Yes! Genesis is ready to embark on their newest “The Last Domino? Tour” after more than a decade hiatus. With Nic Collins and Daryl Stuermer joining the group for the upcoming tour, they will perform in various locations across the US, UK, and Ireland for seventeen dates.

Where Can I See Genesis in Concert?

Since Genesis set their dates to perform in several cities, there won’t be a problem finding a concert near you. You can see Genesis concerts in London, Washington DC, Charlotte, Montreal, Chicago, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Elmont, Boston, and many other cities in the UK, US, and Canada. Take a look at the Genesis tour schedule to find the right concert for you.

When Do Genesis Tickets Go on Sale?

If you are waiting for Genesis tickets to go on sale, now is a perfect time! Check out our given websites to find all sorts of tickets ready for you to purchase. You can go through the various price ranges of tickets to choose the best ones for you and your friends.

Who is the Opening Act for Genesis?

The upcoming Genesis tour will feature the band’s original members- Phil Collins, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford. And Daryl Stuermer and Nic Collins will be accompanying the band on their tour. However, the group is yet to announce their opening acts for The Last Domino? Tour. So be prepared for some wonderful surprises when you attend the upcoming Genesis tour this year!

How Long is a Genesis Concert?

Genesis concerts typically last for over two hours. You can expect the upcoming concerts to be of about the same length. With classic songs on their setlist and indulging performances from the group, we are sure it won’t bother you even if the concerts last the whole day!

Is Genesis touring? 

Yes! Genesis is back after a long halt and touring across different continents. Their Turn It On Again Tour was the last time the band toured, and it was a major success. Looking at their history, The Last Domino? Tour isn’t going to be any different! In fact, it will be bigger and better!

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