Genius Urban Design: Farm in a Box

Why didn’t someone think of this before?

You put dirt and plants in a modular growing container, put it on your wall, and feed yourself. Best of all, it waters itself.

Says inventor Douglas Busch: “I created Farm In A Box especially for urban dwellers who simply do not have access to backyards or community gardens—indeed, the majority of the population. I had seen other vertical gardens before, but so many of them had huge design flaws—they drained water too quickly or held on to water too long, both of which caused plant failure. The real advantage of Farm in a Box is the automatic watering technology—this makes it so easy to succeed as a ‘farmer’ by doing all the watering and fertilizing for you. Beyond that, I wanted to make something versatile, something that would scale easily for a variety of spaces and uses.”

Doug is also a social entrepreneur, because Farm in a Box will be low-cost and make urban agriculture within reach of lower-income communities.

Doug has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $45,000 by October 17, 2014 in order to set up manufacturing and do the first run of 10,000 units.

Learn more in Doug’s video, and then head on over to his Kickstarter page ( and support the greening of our urban lives with some green of your own.

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