How to Get Back Into The Dating Scene

Whether you’re single by choice, forced into it by fickle people, or nature’s cruel twists of fate, there comes a point when you’re ready to get back into the dating scene. At first, this can feel overwhelmingly drab especially after a few bad dates, however, don’t get discouraged.

It can be easy to fall into a negative mindset about it, but this will only attract you more negativity. The best thing you can do now is take this newfound freedom to get to know yourself and get back out into the scene!

Here are some practical ways to get ready to put yourself back into the dating jungle (when you’re good and ready)!

Up Your Sex Appeal For You!

Nothing looks sexier to others than having a healthy self esteem. Don’t misunderstand: this doesn’t mean hit the gym like crazy and revamp your whole aesthetic (although you certainly can, if you want). It means learning to love yourself the way you are, while also making small improvements that make you like yourself better as well. Remind yourself how desirable you are every chance you get!

Things as small as a new perfume, cologne, or article of clothing can really catch people’s attention. Check out Pherazone Review for information on how something as simple as cologne can change your whole dating experience!

Take it Nice and Easy

Don’t jump into dating trying to find “the one” right away. People can smell neediness and hungriness for a relationship on a person from miles away.

Try to treat each experience as an isolated event: don’t think about the future or your past. Just enjoy the moment and the conversation with this new person. When you go into dates feeling confident in yourself and unbothered by the outcome, your date will feel more relaxed and at ease, which will make you have a better date!

Guard Your Heart – At Least Initially

This doesn’t mean don’t have fun by all means, have fun! But, if you know yourself and you know you’re the type of person to catch feelings too quickly, maybe wait a bit before jumping in bed with the first person who shows you any attention. That’s a good way to get your heart broken early on and start the healing cycle over from square one.

Go slow and be aware of what your body is telling you. If you’re feeling anxious on every date and everything feels forced, maybe it’s not your time yet.

Start It Online for A Confidence Boost

Times have changed. People live more isolated lives and a lot of people don’t go out alone anymore. This means that meeting someone naturally is harder to do. You never know who is taken or what their background is. For this reason, dating apps can be useful!

Striking up conversation over a dating app can allow you to filter through some of the crazies before agreeing to meet in person. It can also give you a little confidence boost to see how many people think you’re a cutie before even meeting you!

Only advice here: be genuine in your pictures. A great personality isn’t enough to woo someone and make up for an inaccurate profile depiction. That’s called “Catfishing”, y’all.

Above All – Have Fun!

If you’re coming out of a long-term relationship, you’ve probably become used to this comfortable lifestyle. The “try less and lay around the house in PJs and watch movies every night” level comfort. Well, hate to break it to you, but we’re not doing that anymore! This is the time for fun dates and exciting outings. A time for new restaurants and events that you’ve never tried before. Get out there, meet new people, and enjoy your newfound autonomy!

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