Getting Happy

When I was researching the work of Wendy Morgan who directed the beautiful short promo featured in last week’s ScreenDance Diaires for rag & bone, I got completely wrapped up in another work of hers, a music video for “Happy,” from C2C.

Composed of four French DJs, Atom and Pfel from Beat Torrent, and 20Syl and Greem from Hocus Pocus, C2C have been making music together since 1998, although this is my first time hearing of them. The feel of “Happy” (not to be confused with artist Pharrell Williams’ song & music video of the same title) is perfectly captured with a narrative video depicting Storyboard P (yet again!) as an evangelical preacher whose “touch” from above transforms his subjects into dancing fool believers.

Storyboard P initiates a new believer in Happy
Storyboard P initiates a new believer in Happy

Opening outside in a dusty lot amidst a gathering of trailers and set against the ominous sound of church bells in the background, “Happy” begins with an almost surreal dance by Storyboard P. As worshippers make their way past him into a tented church complete with raw strung light bulbs and a make shift altar, the rhythm and pace picks up and Storyboard zeroes in on one lone figure, who soon gets the touch and starts his own fancy footwork. The video continues as several more initiates are brought into the fold, and all of them contribute their signature moves to the choreography.

I love the set, the overall palette of the film, and the amazing camerawork that captures fantastic dance moments that made me swoon. The more I watched the happier I got.


[embedvideo id=”tvY7Nw1i6Kw” website=”youtube”]

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