How to Give Half Your Work Away for Free

How to Give Half of Your Work Away for Free is a new book written by Matthew Manos. In 2008, at the age of 19, Matthew launched verynice, a global design and innovation consultancy that gives over half of its work away for free to non-profit organizations. Over the course of 5 years, verynice has been able to save non-profit organizations just a few bucks short of one million dollars. While this is impressive, it actually only makes up for a fraction of what non-profits are spending each year. As a result, verynice can’t do this alone anymore, and we need to focus our energy toward inspiring other freelancers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to give half of their work away for free in order to allow organizations to create more impact.
The book opens with a series of essays about what it means to give over half of your work away, how verynice got started, and the role of “free stuff” in society today. The book then transitions into a comprehensive “open source” business plan that reveals all of the subtleties of the verynice model using beautiful infographics and illustrations to describe how it all works. As part of that section, there is also a comprehensive FAQ of over 100 question and answers that come directly from other entrepreneurs that are currently leveraging, or in the midst of launching, the verynice model within their business.
Matthew needs to raise 5,000 by October 7th in order to reach his funding goals. Can Cultural Weekly readers help him fund his project? Visit his IndieGoGo page for more information.

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