Givon Hester: BreakBeat Haikus

Givon Hester is this week’s feature on “Tomorrow’s Voices Today“, the new series curated by poet and educator Mike Sonksen.


Breakbeat Poets Scratch
Poets DJs No Difference
Remix Old To New
         Power, But what kind
         Oppression Or Transcendence
         The Zoo Or Wild
Either Way, We Are
Animals In Their Blind Eyes
Gunned Down One By One
                   Out By Plantations
                   Or Stuck In Concentration
                   Is There A Difference
                            My Answer Is No
                            Both Races Faced Genocide
                            The Oven And Whip
Jews Got Striped PJs
Blacks Were Lucky To Get Clothes
Both Had To Wear Chains
                      Break The Beat Breakdown
                      Break The Status Quo Just Change
                      Breakbeat Don’t Breakdown
New World Order Now I’m “Free”
Inhale Racism

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