Glitch Arts: Exploring the Love of Unconventional Art Forms

The best thing about art is that it never saturates and keeps embracing new forms to bring innovation and change. Glitch art is also one such example that depicts the quest of art to stay in a state of a stir.

It is all about celebrating the brokenness, absurdity and unconventionality. If you are wondering what glitch art is, then you need to go back to times when suddenly a bug pixelated the image on your computer screen to create an absurd vision of dots and lines. Well, this is not a glitch art, but that’s where the inspiration to make creative and inspiring glitch art pieces came from. Glitch art plays with the pixelated and interrupted images by turning them into visually appealing artistic wonders that seem so good to be true.

Over 350 significant art fairs are conducted all around the world every year. You get to experience art in its most pure form at such events. You can head over to to search for art fairs by city and date. Glitch art is always found flaunting at such events though there aren’t many artists to promote it. That said, you will never miss another fair once you see their work. Here are given some artists to inspire you who love staying unconventional by creating masterpieces with broken things – the glitch art!

Kevin Eslinger:
Kevin Eslinger is an artist who is widely celebrated among people because of his unique work and creativity that can be seen in his unique selection of art forms. His online art gallery, Eslinger Art Gallery is filled with amazing pieces of art based on Splatter art, rustic-chic art and…glitch art.

He works with glitches with such brilliance that it gets hard to stay connected with the extent of his imagination. His broken glitches are so complete that you yourself feel like breaking up so that someone can turn you into an artistic beauty. Sound poetic? Well, Kevin’s work can make anyone a poet and admirer of the beauty of brokenness!

Nick Briz:
Nick Briz is a Chicago based glitch artist who is also co-organizer of the online art repository 0p3nr3p0, working to introduce glitch art to a broader audience. Chicago’s art scene has always been in love with the idea of creating something new, different and modern chic. So, there is no wonder that Nick has the genes to stay unconventional and create his own class in the world of art.

He is staying on the top even within the realm of glitch art by using a new method of creating art, like transcoding, instead of sticking to the old method of manipulating analog audio signals to convert them into transmuted images.

Sabato Visconti:
Sabato Visconti’s entry in the world of glitch art is an example that not all mistakes are mistakes. Some of them actually lead you towards the right path. He got interested in this innovative art form after encountering corrupt pictures in his friend’s disordered flashcard. It was his first meet up with glitches, after that he became master in it. The journey was slow, and full of failures, but slow and steady he won the race of creating art pieces that are truly amazing, inspiring and artistic brilliance.

Image: unsplash-logoPhad Pichetbovornkul

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