How to Go Faster

We hit a couple of speed bumps this past week.
After meeting with Mike Sonksen last week, we decided to push back the release of I Am Alive in Los Angeles Remix. The manuscript is ready to go, but the artwork is not. Hopefully we’ll settle on that soon so we can release a beautiful book as soon as possible.
I hate talking to writers about delays, but Mike had a great perspective on things. In fact, he was talking about all the things he’s been learning this past couple of years while working toward his Master’s, hammering out his weekly KCET column, doing tours non-stop to make ends meet, and being a father and a husband as best he can through it all. One of the things that came up was how there are things that get better the more time we take. So I’m going to take this opportunity to go through the manuscript again, edit it some more if possible, and see if we can incorporate even newer material Mike is generating.
The other news is that our Peter Woods, who had been doing triple duty as a partner in Writ Large Press and DT•LAB and as manager of The Last Bookstore, is no longer employed at The Last Bookstore. Ultimately, it will be a great thing for Peter and for us, but in the short term, we have to figure out how this affects operations (if at all) of DT•LAB. I’m sure there will be some minor adjustments we have to make, but we’re not quite sure what yet. More importantly, we have to make sure Peter is employed again in a good situation because, well, he got bills to pay like everybody else.
So that went down this past weekend.
There were couple of other annoyances that got thrown into the mix from outside forces that made me keep the shade down and stay holed up in the apartment all Sunday, in fear that any human contact might make me somewhat “violent”.
But I’m better now. Had a thought.
When we come across a speed bump, there’s only one solution for us.
Go faster.

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