Going Beyond the Norm: How to Celebrate the Holidays in Style This Year

It’s a special time of the year once again, and most of us are certainly looking forward to what the season will bring – be it lots of good cheer or a celebration to last us all year! But while most of us can find a reason to get excited, some of us can’t help but wonder if there’s more to the holidays than just the usual festivities. Of course, we all have our long-held traditions that make the season extra special, but if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary – and looking for a new tradition that you’d want to incorporate into your festivities and activities starting this year – here’s how you can celebrate the holidays in style. Let’s go beyond the norm with this list of unique holiday celebrations.

  • Begin the festivities with a whole new ‘thing’

Each family or group of friends has something they do that would make the season magical and memorable. Now it’s just up to you to determine what you can do! This is the perfect time to get as creative as possible – for instance, you and your brood can order a matching set of pajamas and open your presents that way, or you can start the celebrations leading up to Christmas day by having an Advent calendar (by the way, there’s even an Advent calendar for pets!). You can fill a ‘jar of gratitude’ or spend the day ice-skating. The family tradition you incorporate into the holiday season doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive – think of something special you can share and enjoy with everyone, bringing new meaning into the season.

You can even set up a fairground at a special venue (or in your backyard, if it’s big enough) and have your own fairground hire rides and stalls. This would set the mood and bring everyone together for a wonderful and amazing time.

  • Go for a non-traditional supper

If you’re tired of having the usual Christmas turkey or minced pies and want to experience something new (this year, at least), why not have a non-traditional supper? You can forego the usual ham or turkey and go for something different, such as a fancy sit-down dinner at a local fine dining restaurant, or have a potluck celebration instead. When it comes to it, it doesn’t matter what you serve – what matters is who you serve it with.

  • It’s the perfect time to give back

Another way to add extra warmth and togetherness this season is by volunteering. You can choose to give back to your community, and even just a few hours spent volunteering at a special charity of your choice is enough to give you that uniquely warm feeling. There are many ways to give back this season, whether by volunteering to serve at your local soup kitchen, helping wrap and distribute gifts to children or families, and more. Doing an activity such as this with your entire family or group of friends gives you a sense of accomplishment – and it’s a great way to bond and experience something magical that money couldn’t buy.

  • Give gifts that are practical and useful

While it’s always good to receive gifts and exchange gifts as a family, why not make gift-giving a more practical affair? Ask your family and friends what gifts they would rather receive, like a wish list of practical items such as a meal kit, gift cards, kitchen appliances, and household tools.

Photo by Joshua Lam on Unsplash

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