Going to University in Exeter – A Quick Guide for Foreign Students

Are you a college or university looking to attend a school outside of your home country? Have you set your sights on the UK, or more specifically the schools in Exeter, England? This cathedral city has a population of over 130,000 so you’ll get a city vibe without it being too over-the-top busy, and it can provide you with the type of education you need to lay the path to your dream career.

So, before you go all in on Exeter, and allow the nerves to kick in, here’s a quick guide that is meant to cover all the basics for foreign students.

Figure Out Your Accommodation as Soon as Possible

Pretty much the moment you are accepted into the school of your choice in Exeter, and you make the decision that you want to move to the city, you need to start thinking about your accommodation. The last thing you want to do is arrive in Exeter without a place to stay, and then have the worry and stress of figuring it out while starting school.

Now, because the city is home to a university and several colleges, you will find accommodation that is specifically geared towards students. Take, for example, Collegiate West Gate, which offers luxurious and comfortable Exeter student accommodation.

Its location can’t be beat, as it’s right in the heart of the city, and the property itself is new, providing you with all the latest in modern amenities. This is about as far from typical student accommodation as you can get, as you’ll have spacious apartments, individual study rooms, a library, a private fitness room, the resident lounge, and even a cinema to make use of.

Expect to Experience Rush Hour

Despite the fact that Exeter doesn’t have a massive population, it is still a city with a fair amount of people. What this means is that there is a daily rush hour to deal with. If you plan on using public transportation, either the bus or train, you’ll find the lines are all quite busy during the typical rush hour times. With that in mind, it’s always wise to give yourself a little extra time to get around if you’re heading out during peak times.

Take Time to Act as a Tourist

Just because you will be calling Exeter your home, doesn’t mean you can’t step into the shoes of a tourist, especially when you first arrive. The city is well-known for its unique offerings of both old and new amenities, architecture, culture, and of course world-class attractions and sights.

Be Prepared for the Climate

Moving from another country may also require an adjustment where climate is concerned. You want to be sure you come prepared, bringing the right type of clothing. During the winter months of January through March, you can expect the temperature to fluctuate between 5-7°C. Summer will be very comfortable here, rarely hitting above 21◦C but not dropping much below 19°C as the daytime high.

Setting Down Roots in Exeter

So, if you’re getting ready to make the move to Exeter, you’ll find that these tips will help you to set down roots and make yourself comfortable.

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