Good Guys With Guns

The proliferation of gun violence in this country is out of control. Filmmaker Jordan Ancel and his team believe they have a responsibility to help change the culture of violence through storytelling. GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS shows how arming every citizen to act on their own to be heroes can go horribly wrong.
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Jordan tell us: During an armed robbery of a convenience store in an open-carry state, too many would-be heroes take it upon themselves to save the day. But in critical Rashomon-style perspective, no one knows who the other good guys are, which culminates into a bloody battle between strangers.
We’re making this film as a pro-gun control piece. Too often we’ve heard that good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns, and that we need to arm every citizen. But we know it’s a myth from numerous global studies.
Even Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, stated in an interview that during the Dallas police shootings, there were numerous “god guys with guns” that did nothing but flee the scene. However, the police were confused as to who they were, and it took their eye off the actual shooter.
We cannot continue to perpetuate the myth that more guns and more armed citizens will make this nation safe. It’s entirely untrue.
As filmmakers, we believe we have the power to facilitate change through storytelling, and that’s what we aim to do with GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS.
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Good Guys With Guns from Jordan Ancel on Vimeo.

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