Grace Yee: “Ode to Joshua”

Just a second passed, and your life was taken in the blink of an eye. Joshua, a kid riding his skateboard home from school is gone.

Oh God, why? Screams echo from apartments, homes, schools, family, friends screaming out your name in agony, knees slamming down to the floor.

Shush. In the lives of us who are grieving, our hearts are breaking, our souls are sinking, our tears are pouring, and our lives are changed forever.

Helpless are all of us. You with your broken, young body snatched away from us.

Us, together. Grief- despite its ugly symptoms of red eyes from crying, the crack shattering of loneliness, we must not allow it to divide us, but unite us. We will miss you.

Ache, grieve, and mourn for a life cut short. Like a photograph, we will remember this moment as we reminisce. Joshua, may you rest in peace forever.

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