How to Hang Out with Friends on A Budget?

You probably ended up ignoring your friend’s phone call a couple of times, but not because you do not want to be hanging out with friends, but because your financial situation does not allow you to. Socializing is one of the most important things in our lives, but sadly, in today’s world, socializing can also turn out to be very expensive. Having a good and memorable time with your friends will often cost you, even if you just decide to go out and drink some coffee, or even learn to be a barista. That could be fun as a group. But there is really nothing to worry about, there are ways for you to have it all done! While it can all seem very pricey at the moment you are really out of money to spend, there are still many places to hang out with friends for free and many things to do with friends without money, you only got to be creative.

This article will make it all easier for you, it will give you a slight idea on how it is all done and soon, you will no longer need any money to have a great time with friends.

Restaurants, entertainment parks, clubs and their non-peak hours

There are many restaurants and entertainment parks who feature cheaper prices at different times of the day. Most companies do this to attract new customers at times when their business is below their average peak levels. Try finding one of such restaurants or clubs and take your friends there. There are many great places to hang out with friends and also eat some fancy foods you usually would not have.

Special prices and schedules can most likely be found on the website of the restaurant/club you wish to go to, certain information can be found in newspapers and even on the radio at times, just keep your eyes open and look for the best deals!

Finding special offers!

Everyone is crazy about coupons, but they are not used only when it comes to grocery shopping. There are many websites offering various offers and discounts. Some of them feature coupons for clubs, cinema, restaurants, and even certain events. Ask your friends, maybe they have a coupon or two, and enjoy a lovely dinner or a great movie night at the cinema for nearly free!

Seek for free activities to do with your friends!

There are many free activities you and your friends can do. There are various art galleries, festivals, beaches, and concerts you can visit for free; you just have to pay attention to your town’s event calendar and figure out which activities would be the most fun with your friends. I am sure you got a couple of friends who enjoy art or listening to a certain band, it will be a great time!

Watch movies and play games together!

Paying for the cinema might be a little bit too pricey for you, but watching Netflix with your friends at home is really something we all can afford. Invite your friends over, prepare for movie or gaming night and have a great time. You can binge watch your favorite series, play Dungeons and Dragons, watch that new movie that just got out and all of that for free right in your own home.

Maybe your friends much rather spend their time in the real cinema, or they just have no idea how to play Dungeons and Dragons. Many do not, but you can always try and look for people who do! is a great website to look for people who have similar interests as you do, it is a website designed to help you find a new partner, friend or just a person to talk to.

Picnics are great, try them!

Do you even remember the last time you had a real picnic? It has probably been a while. Invite your friends out for a picnic, have everyone bring something and enjoy some fresh air and the lovely smell of nature. It is summer, why would you spend all your time and money inside of a restaurant or the house when you can be outside and get some tan going too! There are many places to hang out with friends and have a picnic, just make sure you bring a mosquito repellent!

Volunteer together with your friends!

We are all good at something, so why not use it for something good? Talk to your friends and try volunteering together. Volunteering with your friends will bring you closer one to another, it will create a stronger bond and on top of all that, you will have a great time too. There are many companies looking for volunteers, your friends and you could be volunteering at the animal shelter, you could volunteer at an art therapy or even travel to other countries to reduce hunger and homeless by supporting initiatives and construction projects. Doing something good always returns as something good, so why not try and give your best? Encourage your friends to join you and make a change.

Having friends and fun does not really have to cost you anything at all. If you are creative and got friends who are the same, I am sure there will be no problems coming up with new ‘’free hang out’’ ideas. People do not like spending their money unless they really have to, therefore, I am sure all your friends will be more than happy to give it all a try.

Bio of the author: Aisha Mynn is an exceptionally creative person. She does SEO and creative writing since 2014.

Image source: Courtesy Pixabay.

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