Hard Water Causing Problems? Here’s Why and When a Water Softener Can Be Beneficial

If you’ve had it up to here with the hard water in your home, you’re probably wondering if it will be smart to buy a water softener. There’s the cost of purchasing, installation and maintenance, as well as the changes you might have to make to accommodate some softener systems.

Even with this, a water softener will take care of all the problems brought by hard water. From the clogged pipes and damaged water appliances to your dry skin and faded clothes, there are so many ways hard water causes inconveniences and increased costs. A water softener is the best solution in protecting yourself from hard water. Here is why and when you will need a water softener:

Why a Water Softener is Beneficial

1. It Saves Money

Using hard water brings in limescale, which causes expensive repair bills. If you’re using the hard water more often, repair expenses will increase. One of the costs you have to take care of is damaged pipes. With scale blocking the pipes, your pipes can become clogged and permanently damaged, leading to replacement costs. The limescale in your pipes will also increase your water usage, thus water bills.

Water appliances damage faster because of hard water, and so this can lead to repair bills. You might also end up buying these appliances often because of the hard water. It also causes you to spend more money on soap because of the lack of lather when washing with hard water. For the soap to lather up, you need to use a lot of soap. With a water softener, you can save money on all these expenses and buy a system for your home once and for all.

2. Easy Cleaning

No one likes to spend most of their time scrubbing and cleaning the effects of hard water off their sinks, bathtubs, plates and glassware. Your dishes will be left with a cloudy appearance whenever you wash them. With a water softener, your plates and glassware will be easy to wash with no stains.

You also don’t have to wash your dishes and laundry over again with a water softener. The stains on your shower, sinks and bathtub will also be avoided with a water softener. You also spend less time cleaning when you use soft water to wash, because it absorbs soap easily.

3. Softer Skin, Cleaner Hair and Brighter Clothes

There are different effects of hard water on your hair and skin. Using a water softener rather than plain hard water will leave you with dry and itchy hair and skin, as well as faded clothes. Hard water also causes discolored hair and clothes, and irritated skin. It makes it harder for you to enjoy a bath and the effects cannot be permanently solved by shampoo or soap.

With a water softener, your skin will retain moisture better and it balance the pH level of your hair. Soft water also absorbs soap easily, which makes your clothes cleaner and brighter, with no bleeding of colors.

When You Need a Water Softener

You need a water softener when you have hard water, basically. If you don’t have hardness minerals in your water, there’s no point purchasing a water softener to take care of it. There are no adverse health effects gotten from using hard water, but all its disadvantages that can lead to unnecessary costs and inconveniences make it an enemy of many.

You can take a water hardness test to make sure you need a softener system, or you can call the municipal center, if you get your water from a centralized source, and ask about the hardness levels of their water. If you notice any of the signs of hard water, like clogged pipes, constantly faulty appliances, dry hair and skin, faded clothes, brittle glassware, stains on your bathtub and sink, stained dishes, and more, you need a softener. Sometimes, your water might even have an odd smell or taste.

It is important to know more about water softeners before you dive right to it, and you can do so on HomeFascination.com. There are a lot of water softeners that you can find from various manufacturers. It’s all about finding the one that works for you in terms of its size, capacity, cost, brand and more. Here are some recommended systems to make it easy for you when looking for a topnotch water softener. Test your water today to save money and protect your family.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

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