The Healing Power of Faith

Faith and spirituality affect everyone differently. Some people use religion as a way to judge themselves or others. Most people find an overall sense of hope and happiness even despite a tendency towards judgment. There are many advantages religious people have over non-religious. Below you will find 14 reasons religious people live happier lives.

  1.      Community – Regular church goers have a community. They have their people; a group of like-minded individuals that have similar life goals. You feel included. You surround yourself with people that love and support you. Friendships are forged that last a lifetime.
  2.      Meaning – Following a religious doctrine adds a deep meaning to life. You have a plan for your life. You have a purpose: to bring glory to God. Even trials and suffering have purpose and significance. Through it all, you have a Savior that loves you.
  3.      Direction – There is a particular way you are expected to live. This gives your life direction. It doesn’t mean you always stay on the straight and narrow, but you at least have a path to follow. When you take your religion seriously, you strive to grow and become a better human. Stagnation leads to depression, sadness, and boredom. A focus on growth and personal improvement instead foster confidence, liberation, and satisfaction with life.
  4.      Encouragement – Church-goers are regularly reminded and encouraged to think in constructive ways. Hope, faith, humility, and gratitude are part of normal conversation. You are reminded to forgive others and act with decency. You are given an inspirational lesson at least once a week.
  5.      Connection – Attending church forges deep bonds. You are surrounded by the love of your fellows as well as God. Being loved by an all-knowing and all-powerful God is a moving experience that promotes happiness and well-being. There are even publications like the way magazine that can make you feel even more connected to your community.
  6.      Justice – It is easy to get bogged down by negative news stories. There are many injustices in life that seem out of our control. Faith in an omnipotent hand that metes out justice makes life easier to swallow. Even if justice isn’t served in this life, it will be served in the next. This can add at least some measure of comfort to your life.
  7.      Redemption – When you believe in a Savior that redeems the faithful, you are provided with hope. We are all sinful beings that do things we are not proud of. Knowing that you can be forgiven of these sins and washed clean is a powerful feeling. The forgiveness of a Father makes it easier to forgive one’s self.
  8.      Service Serving others can lead to a growing sense of love, meaning, and selflessness. Church opens up many opportunities to volunteer and give of yourself to others. This outward focus usually fosters happiness.
  9.      Hope – The Bible is the Gospel of Hope. Hope can get you through many hard times. It is a belief that things will eventually get better. It is more than a wish. It is a steadfast trust in relief from whatever you are enduring.
  10.   Perspective – The book of Job is a great example of the teachings of perspective. Job was a God-fearing man that suffered greatly. He praised God through it all. He had faith in a higher power that carried him through. Stories like this give us perspective on our own lives.
  11.   Confidence – You are a child of God. He created you in His image. This gives a believer a confidence that endures much. You have potential beyond even your own understanding. This gives you the confidence to rise above the trials of this world and to strive to be better every day.
  12.   Faith – No matter how bad life seems, you have a holy Father on which you can place your burdens. You are never alone when you have God. This is a peaceful reminder.
  13.   Prayer – Prayer is a great gift. It can act as a pressure valve that helps you relieve feelings of self-doubt, frustration, and loneliness. The belief that your prayers are heard and answered sends a powerful message of worth. It can also help lower blood pressure and relax a wearied soul.
  14.   Eternal life – Death is scary. Unfortunately, it is a by-product of life. It is much easier to stomach with the knowledge that there is a heaven. You get to spend eternity with a loving God. It also makes the loss of a loved one easier to bear. They are in a better place, and one day you will be there, too.

Religion is a powerful drug. Thankfully it is the type of drug with many health benefits. Believing and trusting in a higher power gives you strength of mind and body. You are provided with a strength that non-believers cannot understand. You have a community that loves and encourages you. The promise of an everlasting life makes the trials of existence easier to shoulder. Life has meaning and purpose. There is a plan that you are a part of that is bigger than you.

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