Heidelberg Project Crowdfund Art from the Ashes: Securing a Legacy

We have featured Tyree Guyton and his remarkable Heidelberg Project before, an open-air art installation using discarded objects to create a two block area of Detroit full of colorful and symbolic artwork. The project has battled all odds to be internationally recognized for its realization of the power of art.
However, for the 4th time in the last 6 months, the Heidelberg Project has lost one of its main installations to arson.
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They have created an Indiegogo project to crowdfund some very urgent and necessary security upgrades.

On May 3rd of this year, the HP suffered an unprecedented blow: The longest standing house installation on the project was nearly entirely claimed by a “suspicious” fire. Despite many leads and tips, the city’s arson investigators were unable to make an arrest due to lack of municipal resources. Six months passed before the arsonist returned to finish the job, burning the Obstruction of Justice house completely to the ground on October 5th, 2013.
Just days later, the project was rocked by two more early morning arson attempts. The Number House and Penny House were targeted, but only suffered minor damage. Just as we paused to take a breath, the arsonist struck again. The popular House of Soul installation was leveled in the wee hours of November 12th, leaving behind nothing but charred rubble and bits of the vinyl records that once adorned it.
Now, just five house installations remain, intermingled with the homes of our longtime neighbors and family members. Despite the fact that we are clearly under attack and believe we know who is responsible, the city’s arson investigators claim they don’t have the resources to pursue the investigation.  We must take matters into our own hands!

Please consider giving to this worthy and urgent cause. Indiegogo ink below.
Art from the Ashes: Securing a Legacy

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