What Your Home Furniture Says About You

Whether you are searching for bedroom furniture or any other furniture for other parts of your home, like your kitchen and living room, you have to remember that it can reflect your personality. Your chosen furniture even shows the perception that others might hold of you. It is because the way you present your home actually has a say on their first impression on you.

With that in mind, you have to consider the kind of impression you would like to leave or the image you wish to communicate to others before shopping for furniture items for either your home or office. Here are just some of the common perceptions of people about you based on the most commonly added furniture items into households:

Color Palette

Your chosen color palette for your bedroom, living room or any other household furniture can say so much about your personality. The flooring, walls, and the furniture, themselves can talk a lot of things. If your furniture items are on the darker side of the color wheel then you may have a somewhat self-assured and edgy personality.

If the color in your living room lies on the dark part of the color wheel then you are most likely a forward and bold person. Those who use pastels or soft creams are not that bold, though. You may use light-colored furniture accompanied with light walls and carpets, too, if you belong to the less clumsy and more sophisticated type of people.

Somewhat Excessive Number of Seats

Regardless if you invest in Amish furniture, or any other type of furniture for that matter, having an excessive number of seats may mean that you love entertaining people. You are that type of person if you prefer going to several places during certain special occasions.

For instance, if you own a couple of living rooms with stand-alone chairs and a great number of couches then you may always want to welcome guests in. This excessive number of seat somewhat proves that you are a socially active person who loves to have people around whenever possible, like weekends and special occasions.

Empty Counters

Those who love to clear off their counters entirely most likely prefer looks or aesthetics over function. For instance, if you keep all your small utensils and appliances away after use, then it seems like it can provide a more seamless look. However, the truth is this might cause difficulties when doing some kitchen tasks. With that in mind, it would be much better to have an empty counter, which does not only appear bare but also looks well-organized.

Neutral Colors

Having home furniture with neutral colors also makes it easier to read your personality. If you prefer neutral colors for your furniture then it strongly indicates that you are more of a peacemaker. There is also a great possibility that you do not like to use colors with overly loud patterns and expressions. Neutral colors for furniture also mean that you choose to look into the understated beauty of everything surrounding you.

If you prefer neutral colors then keep in mind that it is often highly recommended to look for an even middle ground when making your choice. Your goal is to choose various statement pieces for each room. If you do not do that then there is a high risk of the neutral colors used to look boring and bland.

Brightly Colored Walls and Furniture

If you have brightly colored walls and furniture then be aware that these scream difference and uniqueness. In most cases, those who choose loud colors when deciding or decorating their homes get bored easily. They love the idea of making constant changes because they prefer exciting adventures.

Using bright colors for your walls and furniture, therefore, means you are also someone who loves to try something exciting and new, like meeting new people. Also, take note that in most cases, those who are extremely creative, such as the ones in the graphic design industry, will most likely spread bright colors over their entire property.

L-shaped Sofa

If you have an L-shaped sofa in any part of your home then people will most likely view you as a superwoman or superman who is capable of carrying the world’s weight on your shoulders. Your friends might even perceive you as someone who has it all together. If you have a tough day in the workplace then you would likely just want to relax on your sofa with your legs up. This will allow you to enjoy the huge space provided by the L-shaped design.

Well-made Sofa

Having a well-made sofa means that you are into making smart and wise investments. Note that while furniture and accessories can bring life to a specific room in your home, it is necessary to choose wisely. For instance, you need to spend on a high-quality sofa to ensure that you will enjoy it for quite a long time.

You may also apply this concept in other parts of your home, like when buying a dining table for your kitchen and bed for your bedroom. If you have high-quality furniture items then this indicates that you are also a wise and smart buyer.


The furniture you choose for your home is reflective of who you are. It also depicts the message you intend to convey to anyone who steps inside your home. With that in mind, it helps to understand your different furniture choices and what each one says about your personality so you can fill your home with things that truly reflect you.

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