Home Improvements to Keep Burglars Away

Are you planning to burglar-proof your home? Then be aware that the whole process does not have to be extremely expensive. In fact, you can implement several inexpensive home improvements and tips to prevent you from being an easy target for burglars. Keep in mind that setting up security measures should be on top of your priorities, especially because you can’t guess when burglars and intruders will strike.

To secure your home, here are some budget-friendly improvements and upgrades that you can make:

#1 – Reinforce your door’s security

Avoid helping burglars and intruders stroll through your front door. Reinforce its security, instead. What you should do first is to inspect all exterior doors to determine whether their frames are strong enough. Check whether the hinges are fully protected, too. If there is a mail slot in your door, then ensure that no one can access it with an aim of unlocking the door. Some quick upgrades designed to reinforce and strengthen your entryways are:

  • Installing a deadbolt
  • Integrating a strike plate
  • Investing in smart locks
  • Installing a video doorbell for security purposes
  • Installing an improvised perimeter alarm

Aside from that, it is also advisable to reinforce and strengthen your glass sliding doors, if you have one. Note that thefts and burglars love breaking in homes with sliding doors, so avoid inviting them by protecting these entryways. To protect your sliding door, you can choose the traditional route by putting a dowel or window bar to prevent it from being opened.

For more advanced solutions, glass break or door sensors are helpful. These sensors send alerts each time someone tampers the glass door, thereby scaring intruders and thieves.

#2 – Invest in motion-sensing lights

Your home’s exteriors should be well-lit. In this case, choose to install motion-sensing lights in your doorway and entrances. This can prevent burglars from targeting your household. With the motion-sensing lights around, you get the chance to use your phone to turn them either on or off remotely. If you have exterior lights then it helps to set a timer for them.

For your home’s interiors, put the light timers close to the windows. Make sure, however, that you close the curtains of your windows to prevent intruders from seeing the timers. The good thing about light timers is that they are not that expensive and you can find them almost everywhere. Use them every day, instead of just those instances when you are away.

#3 – Add lights to your landscape

Keep in mind that burglars, thefts, and other intruders are not fond of being in the spotlight. You can, therefore, prevent them from breaking in your home with enough outdoor lighting. There should be enough lighting around your backyard and front yard as well as your pathways, garage, and other exterior structures.

Apart from discouraging intruders from entering your home, this can also lessen your risk of stumbling when taking the front steps. Improve the effectiveness of the security lights you install in your home’s exteriors by choosing those activated by motion and the solar-powered ones to save energy.

4. Upgrade or reinforce your locks, hardware, and windows

Note that no matter how solid and strong your locks are, if you have weak and flimsy hardware, windows, and doors, then there is still a high risk for burglars to access your home. With that in mind, examine your home’s entry points, especially the ones found on the first floor. Repair, replace, and reinforce these items when needed. Among the things that you can do, in this case, are:

  • Replacing broken, hollow-core, or thin exterior doors – Another way to upgrade or reinforce the door is to add extra support to it, like a security bar or door barricade.
  • Strengthen the door’s hardware – For instance, the door’s strike plate, which refers to the piece of metal found on the door jamb, the specific spot where the bolt of the lock enters, should be properly installed. It should have screws with a length of at least three-fourth inches.

With this reinforcement, intruders will not be able to force the bolt out easily. You may also want to use those door reinforcement kits that often feature strike plates as well as other hardware designed to strengthen the weak points of your door.

5. Add security cameras

Another home improvement designed to prevent burglars from entering your property is to add some security cameras. What is good about security cameras is that they do not only act as deterrents but also as great solutions for getting justice. In some cases, these security cameras form a huge part of a full security system for households. You can also invest in security cameras that work independently.

Regardless of which security camera you choose, it is advisable to go for one that features a mobile app. This will let you see and access footages in real time. Furthermore, you can store the footage in case going to the police is necessary. Aside from that, it should also have vital features, like night vision, motion detection, weatherproof casing, and Wi-Fi capability. Install these cameras in strategic locations of your home, too.


Home improvements designed to keep your house secure and deter burglars are not that complicated. The tips here are simple enough that you can easily implement and install them in your home. Just make sure that you determine which among the provided solutions and home improvements work well for you.

In this case, it helps to learn about the potential security risks in your place so you can set up the most reliable security solutions. If you have the budget, then you may also want to create your own luxury underground bunker that can further improve your level of security by providing you with a luxurious hiding spot in case of emergencies.

Image: unsplash-logoStefano Pollio

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