Horizon Award: Elevating Female Directors

The simple fact is that there are not enough female directors in the film industry. And the Horizon Award is doing something about it.

Following a successful launch at Sundance 2015, founding partners Cassian Elwes, Lynette Howell, and Christine Vachon are even more committed to the Horizon Award’s growth and impact.  The Horizon Award is an indie accolade that awards and mentors rising female filmmakers. For too long, we have witnessed the disparity between male to female voices behind the camera. The Horizon Award seeks to raise awareness and bring some balance to this important issue.

In the campaign’s first year, close to 400 short film entries from students throughout North America, Australia, Europe, and beyond were submitted. The panel of blue-ribbon judges narrowed the field and the Horizon Award was presented to Syracuse University student Veronica Ortiz-Calderon for her film Y Ya No Te Gustas (And You Don’t Like Yourself Anymore). The Indiegogo campaign raised over $15,000.

This year’s plan is to bring two young female filmmakers to Sundance 2016 for an immersive mentorship and career-launching experience, and, once again, the Horizon Award is using an Indiegogo campaign to get things rolling.

Check out their video below, and then go to their Indiegogo page and give generously. You will be part of the solution.

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