How Easy Is It for Someone to Hack Your Laptop’s Camera?

Did you know? Numerous tools are found in the arsenal of cyber criminals which they use to take over your laptop’s camera. Keep reading, if you want to know more about hacking your laptop’s camera. 

How to Hack Laptop Camera?

To hack laptop camera is not a piece of cake. No hacker can access or locate your laptop camera without any support. But in case a hacker gets access to your laptop or PC it will become an easy task for him to hack your laptop’s camera. 

In that situation, you cannot restrict him to peer through the camera of your laptop. 

Ways for Hacking Camera of Your Laptop

For hacking the camera of your laptop hackers either exploit the features of internet connectivity, utilizes a Trojan virus, or take benefits of your systems’ current spy software to access your laptop. 

  1. Acquiring Access to Your System by Utilizing Spy Software

Often RATs (remote administration tools) are installed to help track, configure, and upgrade the machine in a corporate setting remotely. 

In the district of Lower Merion School 2 high schools faced lawsuits in 2010 for utilizing this feature to remotely monitoring students without their knowledge and consent. These schools had used LANrev, an application for this purpose.

The laptops students were using belonged to the school and had provided for studying at home. However, Theft Track, security software was installed on those laptops which allowed schools’ administrators to watch students remotely through the camera of laptops. 

The school administrations claimed they opted to used this feature only in the cases of laptop theft. However, the majority of students had briefly reported that they had seen the indicator light on the webcam flicker on. Moreover, some reported having tapped on the camera in response as well. 

Later, the district has admitted that it had taken around 56,000 images of its students. Thereby, the latest version of this software has been released that has removed this feature. 

If you have doubts about your work or school laptop that it is being used for spying on you simply cut and put a piece of tape on the camera of your laptop. That’s how you can easily restrict them to access or watch you through the camera of your laptop. 

One more thing you cannot rely fully on the flickering light of your camera because it can be disabled. 

  1. Exploiting Internet Connectivity Feature 

The connecting camera of your computer to any other device is an easy way to monitor your home, room, or shop through the internet when you are out. Similarly, various smart security kits are available in the market that provides cameras for surveillance. 

For security purposes, a person can easily access to detect burglars using these home security devices. Further, a webcam can also turn into a tool for surveillance by utilizing special software. 

However, devices connected to the internet are swords with two edges because these can also provide a route to hackers to get into your office, home, or else.

Avoid purchasing such webcams if you want peace of your mind because just like you it can easily let hackers remotely access your webcam through Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, never be curious to install a 3rd party software to spy on your home remotely through a webcam because it may give you a friendly fire in return. 

  1. Getting Access Through Trojans

For hackers, if the current entry point does not work, they will create others. The easiest technique of hackers is if they fail to access the webcam of victims, they made the victims move towards them, instead. 

A cybercriminal for this will make you fool of installing Trojan, pretending it is a useful software for your system. But in reality, it will open an entrance for various malicious activities. 

Hackers do this either through an attachment in an email, a fake claim by a Microsoft employee for fixing your windows infected by a virus, or rogue webpages. So be vigilant. 

Once the Trojan rootkit is successfully installed by attackers on your laptop, software for accessing your device can be easily installed on your devices. 

If they succeed in doing it, they will easily access your laptop or computer without leaving a trace. Thus, they will easily watch you, or your space through the camera of your laptop.


How to hack a laptop camera is the easiest question to answer however, the consequences of using a hacked laptop may invite series of threatening issues. So, don’t rush for innovative 3rd party software for surveillance purposes, keep your webcam simple, and keep updating the security of your devices.

Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash

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