How Have Mobile Betting Apps Changed iGaming?

Mobile betting apps have changed the way people gamble forever. Ten years ago, online betting on a computer was the most convenient way to play online. But mobile betting apps have made iGaming even more accessible and friendlier for millions of sports fans around the world. iGaming companies like Pointsbet have brought thousands of betting markets to people’s hands through mobile apps. How is playing on mobile changing iGaming?

Lower Barriers of Entry to iGaming 

In the past, iGaming was open to computer literate people who could use a desktop computer. But mobile betting apps have made iGaming more accessible with user-friendly features. Many people find using a smartphone intuitive. A smartphone’s command interface uses tapping, zooming, pinching and scrolling, all of which many people find less confusing than a keyboard and mouse. 

More Convenience in iGaming 

The biggest advantage of mobile betting apps over the computer and console gaming is convenience. Unlike a computer or a console, a smartphone can fit in the pocket and is highly portable. Most people have their phones close at all times. 

With a smartphone, you can play 24/7 from wherever you are provided there is an internet connection. You will find mobile internet pretty much everywhere these days, even in remote rural areas. It is possible to follow your favorite betting markets wherever you go. You will not miss betting opportunities as long as  you are connected to the internet. 

Mobile betting apps have played a big role in pulling more people in remote areas to iGaming, especially sports betting. There are plenty of sports fans in rural areas who could not access online gaming because they lacked a platform. Higher smartphone acquisition in rural areas and downloadable apps have brought betting markets close to more people.

More Variety in iGaming 

The ease of app development has made the mobile platform the first choice when developing games. Some game developers have stopped developing for the desktop platform altogether in the light of the fact that most of their customers are on mobile.  

There are thousands of game apps coming online each day. Most are free to download and update. Gaming platforms have realized the need to pull in users first and monetize later. High-quality gaming apps are free to use with the catch being showing ads to the user. 

iGaming companies have realized the need to offer many options from one point. Today, mobile betting apps offer classic casino games like blackjack on the same app as they do sports betting. It is easy to switch from casino games to sports betting with a simple tap.  

Mobile betting apps allow wagering across several markets on the same bet slip. You can stack football, tennis, and basketball in one bet slip. This possibility makes bets more lucrative.

Play From One Account 

Mobile betting apps enable doing all iGaming operations from one account. You don’t have to keep different accounts for different betting markets. You can place your bets as long as there is a positive balance in your account. The betting app will subtract your stakes automatically. Your wins are also added automatically to your account balance. The app handles your withdrawals in the background and transfers your money to your point of choice. You can also opt to leave your balance in the account depending on your bankroll management strategy. 

More iGaming Companies in the Market 

More developers and iGaming companies are coming online because of the ease of launching mobile iGaming platforms. White label arrangements allow iGaming startups to launch at affordable costs. The competition has become stiffer to the advantage of iGaming fans, who are seeing more lucrative incentives as iGaming companies try to lure them in. 

Mobile betting apps have changed iGaming forever with their convenience and ease of use. The mobile gaming platform is expected to become the platform of choice in the near future and see explosive growth pulling in millions more iGaming fans.

Photo by Stillness InMotion on Unsplash

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