How Online Bingo surpassed the popularity of the Bingo hall

There are over 500 websites operating in the UK which offer online bingo. If online bingo was a sport, it would be considered the 6th most popular in the UK, with 1.9 million monthly bingo players, and Bingo, in general, is worth over £1 billion a year to the UK economy each year according to But why exactly has online bingo’s popularity rocketed in recent years?

The social aspect at the heart of the bingo hall experiences led many to surmise that online bingo would be unable to translate its success to an online forum. However, the advanced chatroom elements of online bingo sites have helped it to develop its very own sense of community and friendship which has left some bingo halls struggling, especially under the tax laws reported in One advantage it has over bingo halls in this regard is the ability to chat during the game; in bingo halls players are not supposed to converse during the game lest it distracts others from following the numbers as they’re called out.

Online players do not have such restrictions with most sites automatically filling in players’ cards, allowing them to enjoy the camaraderie of the chatroom. In bingo, there’s always a winner which aids in creating an encouraging atmosphere in which the community wills each other on. This emphasis on the social aspects of the game has allowed online bingo to continue the community tradition of the bingo hall whilst bringing in its own unique additions to help build an environment that is accessible and fun for beginners and veterans alike.

Online bingo is also faster-paced than its ‘real-life’ counterpart, for example, with no need for pauses to allow the player to manually enter the numbers. The speed of the games helps the game feel fresh and exciting. The diverse range of games also helps to give online bingo a greater sense of vibrancy and excitement. For instance, at there are known names like Rainbow Riches available to play as well as branded games such as Deal or No Deal. This gives players plenty of options to find their favorite niches and playing environment and gives them the ability to mix things up so that playing doesn’t get stale.

Online bingo also offers variations on the traditional 90-ball game with 30, 50, 75, and 80-ball games available. The online form of the game continues to attract players because of its ability to evolve and offer a range of choices to the player.

The huge number of dedicated mobile apps for online bingo sites also broadens the game’s audience, as it allows busy people to play on-the-go when it suits them. Its convenience far outweighs that of the traditional bingo hall with quick games available for people on their break, and being 24/7 makes it adaptable to whatever schedule people live by.

With developing technology allowing online games to run smoother, faster, and with a greater sense of color and vibrancy, online bingo looks set to continue its rapid growth. Its success in replicating the community of the traditional bingo hall has been the foundation stone of its popularity and, with the development of technologies like Virtual Reality, it appears certain that the communicative elements of online bingo will also continue to grow. Online bingo represents a very modern environment of virtual fun and friendship.

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