How Technology Makes Online Gambling Possible

Technology changed the world tremendously in the past couple of decades and the iGaming industry is no exception. As online gambling platforms continue to evolve thanks to technological advancements, gambling online has never been more accessible. 

From betting on a multitude of games while sitting in any corner of the world to transferring funds instantly to and from the bank and the casino account, technology has tremendously improved our quality of life. In fact, LeoVegas is one of those brands that used technology perfectly for creating a top-notch gambling facility.

On that note, here are five ways how technology revolutionized the iGaming industry.

5 Ways in Which Online Gambling Relies on Technology

    1. Security and Encryption – With people moving their lives on the world wide web, the internet is a goldmine of information. Keeping this data safe is a mammoth task that requires profound expertise. This is especially true in the case of iGaming since the punters are legally required to submit personally identifiable data including their names, address, and contact details, along with their financial details. The data is store in encrypted files that can only be accessed via authorized personnel.
    2. Advanced Graphics and Gameplay ­– Video games have come a long way since inception and the iGaming industry isn’t far behind. Most modern iGames use the best of 21st Century graphics while the gameplays are far superior to their predecessors. From 4K displays to Virtual Reality, and surround sound to live chat, modern mini-games are a hoot to play. The developments haven’t gone unnoticed and the enthusiasts are flocking, attracting more bets and profits to the industry.
    3. Bigger Jackpots – Online platforms have traditionally offered much bigger payouts to the punters. Since the cost of running an online casino is much less than traditional casinos, the operators can transfer these benefits directly to the customers. Thus, drawing additional interest from the regulars. Similarly, online casinos offer better rewards, bigger jackpots, and higher welcome bonuses compared to their land-based counterparts. The plan seems to be working quite well, as most of the prominent casino chains either launched independent ventures or teamed up with reputed online casinos in the past couple of years.
    4. Quicker Payments – Online transactions today are much quicker than they used to be half a decade back. This is a boon for the virtual casinos who’ve leveraged faster payments to lure the younger tech-savvy crowds. Online payments can be made beyond traditional office hours, which is an added bonus for most punters. The evolution of cryptocurrencies is the next major breakthrough for the iGaming industry, and mass-scale implementation is barely a few years off. A handful of casinos today accept cryptocurrencies.
    5.  Better Customer Support – With the advancement of automation customer support is much easier today. While trained humans are still required to handle complicated situations, robots can take care of the generic problems without any issues. This makes 24/7 service easier and cheaper than before, which helps modern online casinos operate more efficiently than their offline counterparts. And the results are evident!

Photo by Aidan Howe on Unsplash

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