How to Buy the Right Piano for Your Online Piano Classes

Learning the piano is no easy feat. Earlier, piano lessons would often dredge up memories of sitting on hard benches and fumbling through the keyboard while producing sharp noises. No one liked the hard and cold stare of their piano teacher, but it’s a small price to pay when learning to play the king of instruments.
The piano is a well-rounded instrument, which requires great concentration, coordination, and dedication. Hence, the idea of piano lessons can be quite daunting, especially when you had to practice in front of strangers. Luckily, with live online piano lessons, the pressure is off your shoulders! Are you wondering why online piano lessons are a great idea?
Should You Opt for Live Online Piano Lessons?
Online lessons are nothing new, and in some cases, they can be quite beneficial as well. The virtues of online classes are well-known. But no wonder whether online piano lessons help students. Here is what you need to know:
Set Your Pace
With online classes, you can set the pace yourself. Live online classes are a great way to get started; you have enough time to practice your skills and feel confident before moving on to the next step. Setting the pace means that you can take some pressure off your shoulders. Online instructors will be willing to guide you through the basics and help you improve no matter how long it takes.
Select Your Professors
When opting for offline, there is less flexibility when it comes to selecting your instructor. To feel confident in your abilities, you need to feel comfortable with your instructor to approach them whenever you feel stuck.
Online instructors are fully qualified to help you learn the piano. They have the necessary credentials and experience to help you improve your skills.
Lower Expense
With live online piano lessons, you can save some money when it comes to lessons. Online classes are not only flexible, but they end up being cheaper as well. Hence, many people opt for these lessons since they cannot afford in-person lessons where every class can cost hundreds of dollars.
Buying a Piano for Online Lessons
Now that you have your online lesson all lined, you will need to buy a piano for your class as well. If you have not purchased a piano before, it can be a daunting task. However, keeping the following points in mind can help you select one perfect for your classes.
Decide Your Budget
Pianos can be costly. However, not all of them need to be. In some cases, you will find affordable options. Even so, purchasing a piano is not a decision that you can make on a whim.
After cursory research, you should decide on a budget. How much do you want to spend on purchasing the pain before you are sure that you will master it? Will you buy a brand-new piano or opt for a second-hand option? What type of piano do you need? Deciding on a budget can help you narrow down your choices.
Beginner Friendly
Apart from being budget-friendly, the piano should also be beginner-friendly. When selecting a piano, keep the sensitivity of the keys in mind. If you practice on a piano with sensitive keys, you may have difficulty playing on a piano that is not designed for beginners.
However, playing piano with weighted keys for your first lesson may be too challenging. Ensure that you look for a piano that is not too sensitive and has enough weight to allow you to practice your finger dexterity well.
Digital Pianos or Keyboards
For many, an acoustic Piano is simply out of the budget. However, there are a few pocket-friendly options, such as a digital piano or a keyboard. While these instruments may not match up to the sound produced by an acoustic piano, they have several advantages.
Not only is it easier to practice on these instruments, but they are also more portable and can be stored easily. When you are just getting started, a digital piano or a keyboard may be an excellent choice.
Renting or Buying
Keep in mind that you also have the option of renting an acoustic piano if your budget does not allow you to buy a brand new or second-hand piano. Acoustic pianos are large and unwieldy; hence, they cannot be purchased only for you to replace them in a few days.
Additionally, if you are sure that you will be committed to learning the piano, but you do not have a big budget yet, you can consider buying a second-hand acoustic piano for your lessons.
Purchasing a piano will take some time. You need to weigh your options carefully before you decide whether you want to buy a piano or rent it, as well as decide on which type of piano you want to purchase. Once you have made your choice, however, you can start getting excited about your piano lessons and learn how to hone your skills.
Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash

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