How to Clean a Coffee Maker & Why You Should Do It

Coffee isn’t a good coffee if it has not come out of a great piece of the coffee maker. There are a variety of coffee makers available in the market, but very few are capable of delivering a perfectly proportionate freshening coffee. If you have got one of those then you do not have many bad mornings. A coffee maker which gives your brain a fresh and cleansing every morning should be kept nicely to continue enjoying its perfect service. 

There is not much to do about it except giving it a thorough cleaning. Regular cleaning is as important for a coffee maker as a regular sauna session is to you.  Many people do perform cleaning on the coffee maker as well when they are doing their routine kitchen clean-up. But, it deserves a little more than that. Every once a week is a good ratio to keep your coffee maker as healthy as possible. If you are interested in the best decaf coffee brands, you can learn more here.

The Right Way to Do It

There is always a huge difference between a bath taken in a hurry than the one with utmost relaxation. Exactly like that your coffee maker’s cleaning session has a separate technique to it. What you need to give your coffee maker the perfect clean is white distilled vinegar, a coffee filter, and a bucket full of water. Follow our advice below to give your coffee maker a perfect cleaning.

Make A Solution of Water & Vinegar

Use water and white distilled vinegar to make an equally proportioned solution. You can also give vinegar a bigger proportion if your coffee maker got a huge mess to clear up. Vinegar gives your coffee maker a sanitization and has the capability of dissolving strong mineral deposits. Fill your coffee maker with the mixture. 

You need to position a filter in the kettle and after doing that close the coffee maker. Make sure your coffee maker is connected to the electric board because in the next step we are going to need the power to run it. 

Now The Brewing Starts

Turn the power on of your coffee maker and start the brewer. When the brewing session reaches the halftime of the brewing you shut it down. It’s time for your coffee maker to soak all the vinegar solution. You need to give at least 30 minutes for the soaking part and you can also increase the timeframe if the job is thick but not more than 60 minutes in any case. 

Once it has been given the needed amount of time for soaking, you now have to let the brewing complete from the point you stopped it. The complete brewing cycle gives the solution perfect settings to pull out and dissolve even the worst cases of buildup. Once the cycle is down you open it and throw away the filter from the top. Next, you pour out all the vinegar solution. 

Getting Rid of the Scent & Taste of Vinegar from the Coffee Maker

Your coffee maker just got the most healthy and perfect cleaning but the vinegar left its essence on it. You can smell vinegar out of the coffee maker and if you check it has also left a bit of taste. No one would want his/her next few coffees to taste and smell like vinegar. So, for that, you gotta take one more small but important step. 

Fill your coffee maker with clean water and give a kick to another brewing cycle. You do not have to stop it in the middle way, you just have to leave it for the full cycle. Once the brewing is completed you open it, remove the filter and flush out all the water. The process of brewing with clean water needs to be repeated one more time. 

The insides are perfectly clean and now you just have to take a clean cloth and clean all the exterior parts of the coffee maker. At this moment your coffee maker is fresh as new and will give you the healthiest and freshening coffee for another seven days. It is suggested that giving your coffee maker a regular cleaning is a healthy habit and you have got to bring it into your practice.

Photo by Daniel Norris on Unsplash

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