How to Enjoy the Cinema Without Visiting One

Meta: Who doesn’t love the cinema? Find out more about how you can expand your love of films without going to watch new ones.

Almost everyone loves a trip to the cinema. Whether you are a fan of the big summer blockbusters, winter rom coms or foreign language arthouse films, the silver screen offers something we can all fall in love with. However, we can’t always make time for the cinema, no matter how much we might enjoy it. Here are some of the ways we can enjoy the world of cinema without needing to visit our local theatre.

Go on a Studio Tour

If you have some vacation time, why not think about going on a studio tour? This is a brilliant way to see the sets and backstage areas that have gone into creating our favourite films and TV shows. London and Los Angeles are the hotspots for studio tours, but you might be able to find something elsewhere.

Some of the most popular include tours of places like the studios where they made Harry Potter, or the famous Pinewood Studios. These can offer you an insight into the filmmaking process, and could help you learn some fun trivia and facts about your favourites!

Play Games

The biggest films of all are usually bastions of pop culture. Even if someone is not a fan, they might still know a lot about the film from picking up bits and pieces from friends or the media. There are so many tie-ins to popular series and films nowadays, and that includes real-world games and online games.

You would be shocked if you knew just how many games had some sort of tie-in to a film or TV show. Some of them can be quite subtle, others can be full adaptations of the story in a new format. You can also find these games almost everywhere, from console stores to casinos. With the latter, you can easily find games themed around some of the biggest films from the past decade and even further back in time. Grab a bonus from, and find a game to see how the developers tie the theme with the game mechanics. It certainly can be intriguing to say the least.


There is so much that goes into creating a film beyond the actors in front of the camera. Luckily for us outside of the industry, there are also plenty of resources we can pull on to learn more about what it takes to make a film.

Three of the most accessible areas are cinematography, costumes and makeup, and music. Taking a deep dive into any of these could be a fascinating experience. Whether you start with a recent Oscar winner or even just your favourite film of all time, you could discover a new world of study that you never knew existed before.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the world of the cinema without relying on the splendour of a trip to the cinema. Try to learn a little more about your favourite films, and look into some alternative ways to enjoy them that you had never considered before. Sometimes you don’t have to watch a film to fall in love with it.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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